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  1. Crazy_Mark

    My Aerodeck VTiS

    So 230k miles later and time for an engine rebuild. Never gave up it ran on 3 cylinders for over a week without a problem!
  2. Crazy_Mark

    B18C4 injector

    Well I finally found one but turns out that was not actually the problem, seems part of one of my valves disappeared someplace no compression at all in that cylinder :/
  3. Crazy_Mark

    B18C4 injector

    The one I got was wrong, still looking for one
  4. Crazy_Mark

    B18C4 injector

    Cheers man, I may have found someone in Ireland with one I will let you know soon.
  5. Crazy_Mark

    B18C4 injector

    one of my injectors has failed, and Honda Ireland is no longer supplying them anyone have an injector (or maybe set of 4 ) to suit B18C4 engine? Thanks guys!
  6. Crazy_Mark

    Rear shock top mount replacement

    The top mount of the rear drivers side shock has failed completely. No where is breaking any M shape civics or Rovers. What other cars would fit? Can you buy a new top mount on ebay? Theres so many its hard to see which one would fit on my car. VtiS Aerodeck. Thanks
  7. Crazy_Mark

    Low Fuel Pressure ? MB6

    my car takes a bit longer to start when the fuel is low, when the gauge is just over the E. theres about 10-15 litres left in the tank. I usually just fill it up once it gets that low, but I've sometimes let it go lower and the starting just takes a little longer, once I fill up its back to starting right away.
  8. Crazy_Mark

    Mb6 vti correct running temp.

    Mine is normally slightly higher than in the pic. Closer to halfway.
  9. Crazy_Mark

    Interior clock bulb

    I tried to do mine by putting my hand up through the radio cage, got the new bulb in place but just couldn't twist it all the way. Had to take apart the whole centre console just to twist the bulb a quarter turn!
  10. Crazy_Mark

    My Aerodeck VTiS

    I didn't get it at first either but it fits. Heres a pic from inside the car with the sunroof open so you can see the clip. The screws didn't seem long enough at first but I just squashed the deflector down against the seal and they fit. the sunroof closes fine against the clip.
  11. Crazy_Mark

    My Aerodeck VTiS

    yea everything fit perfectly
  12. Crazy_Mark

    My Aerodeck VTiS

    ordered it from the climair site. they had to get it on special order from Germany. http://www.climairuk.com/Honda-Civic-Aerodeck-3-door-4-door-Coupe-and-Honda-Shuttle-Odyssey-Sunroof-Deflector.html
  13. Crazy_Mark

    My Aerodeck VTiS

    New wind deflectors
  14. Crazy_Mark

    New Heater Problem?

    the fan motor is on the passenger side right all the way over towards the door. Just take the glovebox out and its the big round thing when you look up from underneath. I had to take the bit of trim from the left of the footwell off to get the motor out but its handy enough. Mine was full to the brim with leaves and even some stones!
  15. Crazy_Mark

    New Heater Problem?

    This is the one I just got, I have a 99 MC2 I'm pretty sure its the same you need. http://www.ebay.ie/itm/350841559510?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Also my blower was randomly stopping completely but I opened up the motor and found half a forest inside and once I cleaned it out it works perfect