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  1. Hi guys. I have some doubts to be able to solve this issue of the Bilstein b6. Do you know if the MB6's springs are the same as the MB2's? And are the rear lower control arms of the MB6 the same as the MB2 or thicker? I need to know that, because the lower fork of the Bilstein's for the MB6 is wider than my original shocks.
  2. Yes. Bilstein still make B6 for the front as well. I want to buy a set for the front, but I need to test the rear one first, to make surge they fit my goals for my MB2. I spent around €300 for the rear set. The front set it's about the same price.
  3. I finnally find out some sort of sollution. Bilstein still makes B6 Sport for the MB6. I bought a set for the rear of my car. However, I haven't installed them yet, because the spring plate came short for the OEM springs. I'm waiting for a solution from the company that sold them to me. If there's no solution, I'll make a plate for the spring a little bigger. The B6 shocks are completely the same as the OEM ones, but much stiffer, and are of very good quality.
  4. What do you have broke on your intake manifold? On my manifold have broken the coolant bypass and i don't know if i need to replace the manifold or if it's possible to replace the bypass.
  5. I had the same problem today. I'm looking to see if the ones that aren't plastic are compatible. Skunk2 and Maxspeedingrods have intake manifolds for D15 and D16. I don't know if they are compatible with our D14Z4.
  6. Hi. I need to replace the suspension of my MB2. I'm thinking of putting KONI Sport from an EK, because there's no KONI for MBs anymore, and I want something a little sportier for him. Do you know if it will work well on the MB chassis? I don't want to put coilovers, because in portugal it's illegal and my MB2 is my daily car.
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