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  1. Neat. Quite hyped tbh. On another note: I see people often describe poor steering as one of the minuses. Not that that would be a dealbreaker but to me there seems to be an obvious fix. Is swaping in a DC2 system possible and would it be as good as I think it would be?
  2. Thank you for the input. Most likely due to the V6 being a heavier unit eh?Think it was JayEmm who said the MG also had a geometry reworked. Not very knowledgable on that but i suppose that would include control arms? Also just recalled that I read somewhere about smaller tire fitment in the rear due to the arches being designed not to stick out as much into the cargo area?
  3. Ahoj from Czechia chaps! In a very near future I think I'll be in the market for the "englishman" as we call the Swindon 6th gens here, specifically the Aerodeck VTi. The car would first replace my Mitsu Eclipse as a fun car and later my daily after I've worked out the I presume numerous bugs. Hope I'm not asking too much of the old Honda but so far it seems to me as close to a weekender/daily in one car as one can get in my price range. In this first of many potential instances I turn to you for your knowledge and would like to know how much I'd be shooting myself in the foot b
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