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  1. Getting around to doing full front suspension refresh. Was stunned to seemingly find out these weren't replacable. Thanks man you're a lifesaver. Oh one more thing, I suppose I need to get a matching outer tie rod or will the original for my match these?
  2. Oh s**t so that's what flipped ZS arms means. Thought there's some butchering of the joints involved. Stumbled upon it on YT. That is splendid!
  3. My new MC2 desperately needs front suspension work and all the control arms will have to go. Concerning parts purchase, this might be my first chance to spice things up. Knowing (thanks to you guys) that the ZS180 has revised arms to induce increased caster and learning of the benefits and drawbacks, I'm thinking maybe go for ZS control arms as oposed to stock. Will they be a direct fit?
  4. To close things up, found one in my home country. Hell of a drive still. It has nearly 300k kms on the clock and needs a lot done but loving it. My thanks to you guys for the input. Here it is, chilling with my Eclipse and looking regal as hell, with the cardboard under the engine in case of a leak being a nice touch imo.
  5. Alright so I'll be getting one. Found this one in Austria. After my taste but it'd be a 800 km drive. Some dings here and there but all appear to be on switchable pannels, hopefully the silver is the same colour as the base models being parted out around here. The main thing is one owner and low mileage (albeit a company car so I guess it could've got quite a thrashing over the years) and alleged absence of rust. Also service book. Here is the description translated to english for your convinience: Is sold due to downsizing Honda collection ... (other Honda available - Civic, Crx Targa, Prelude) Simply call us. Untampered original condition from a German architect's office, which simply bought the most powerful station wagon for tax reasons. Was only driven by an employee who came from Austria. When he left the company he got the Honda as a parting present. So the Honda ended up in Carinthia and also in my collection. It has traces of use, but has been serviced, unused and in its original state and absolutely rust-free! German papers !!!
  6. Neat. Quite hyped tbh. On another note: I see people often describe poor steering as one of the minuses. Not that that would be a dealbreaker but to me there seems to be an obvious fix. Is swaping in a DC2 system possible and would it be as good as I think it would be?
  7. Thank you for the input. Most likely due to the V6 being a heavier unit eh?Think it was JayEmm who said the MG also had a geometry reworked. Not very knowledgable on that but i suppose that would include control arms? Also just recalled that I read somewhere about smaller tire fitment in the rear due to the arches being designed not to stick out as much into the cargo area?
  8. Ahoj from Czechia chaps! In a very near future I think I'll be in the market for the "englishman" as we call the Swindon 6th gens here, specifically the Aerodeck VTi. The car would first replace my Mitsu Eclipse as a fun car and later my daily after I've worked out the I presume numerous bugs. Hope I'm not asking too much of the old Honda but so far it seems to me as close to a weekender/daily in one car as one can get in my price range. In this first of many potential instances I turn to you for your knowledge and would like to know how much I'd be shooting myself in the foot by getting the aerodeck rather than the liftback. As for reasons, they are mostly aesthetic. Although it might and in the upcoming years probbably will come in handy to have lots of bootspace, it's not the selling point for me. What is is that the car looks more mature and also pretty stealthy apart from actually being more after my taste. For that I am willing to sacrifice some degree of performance. So far as I've gathered, the deck is a tiny bit heavier and naturally less stiff of a chasis due to it being essentialy a box on wheels without the bracing behind the backseats and more weight in the roof. Among anything that comes to mind I'd like to know whether the popular ZX suspension swap is possible with the deck allegedly having a different rear than the liftback and the MG, and the difference in parts availability both oem and aftermarket. Cheers!
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