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  1. Newby

    Welcome. Always nice to see a red mc2
  2. Uprated Droplinks

    normally these are the right droplinks. You can check under your car. http://www.energysuspensionparts.com/16.8104 http://www.hardrace.com/Product_detail.asp?id=2107&Car_Make=7&Car_Model=18&Car_Type=29
  3. Uprated Droplinks

    you can go for energy suspension or hardrace. energy is poly, hardrace is hardened rubber.
  4. Hi i m Bonsaï with my Honda MB2

    Welcome and greetz from Belgium Nice colour btw
  5. d15z8 dizzy

    d15z8 has two dizzy's, hitachi and lucas. Any difference in cap and rotor? I can't find the lucas cap, always hitachi.
  6. COTM FEBRUARY 17... The winner is Ringo

    thx everyone Very pleased with it.
  7. my new cascade green mb3

    replaced the spark plugs today. Good that I did, were the wrong plugs in it. Bmw bosh plugs, wtf? Run much smoother now with the right ngk plugs. Also changed the fuel filter, man, what a job to get the bottom sealed, did it a few times and always leaking. Now it's okay, finallly
  8. Engine stalling

    around 750 rpm, in the work manual
  9. my new cascade green mb3

    yeah filter fits just fine
  10. my new cascade green mb3

    Hi, Because I want to spare my mc2, I was looking for a daily drive and bought a mb3. The car has a few dents and some minor rust on the front fenders, but otherwise is in good shape. The interior has no damage or rips. Has only 93000 km, around 58000miles. I'm not gonna do so much too it, because I want to spend more time and money on my mc2. Just bought a new k&n filter wich I got really cheap, new sparkplugs and fuelfilter.