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  1. It's brushed steel wrap , looks very dark. I've been thinking to redo it in more lighter brushed, something between alu brushed and steel brushed.
  2. I removed the ashuki endlinks and replaced them for hardrace ones. And a new yuasa battery cause the old one was almost dead
  3. Been a while since I visited the forum, shame on me Here are some updates: Made a switch console where the radio sits normally. also bought a few new stuff, skunk2 tb 66mm, new ktuned pro short shifter, and ktuned slave cilynder. I got a s2000 cmc laying in the garage so this will be installed on the car soon. Also been busy with some wiretucking , still a lot to do but we getting there, will be updating about this very soon
  4. Recently I installed a p30 ecu in the car and had it mapped with ectune, rides a lot better now. Also installed a new buddyclub backbox, instead of the invidia. A bit better sound now. And my custom apexi airfilter intake is almost ready.
  5. thx everybody. Have some new updates. In the rear I installed a dark ice design upper strut bar. Been thinking what I can do with the hole I had to make in the plastic And a friend made a custom intake and a plate to keep the engine heat away. Works great with the apexi filter, much nicer sound than the k&n one. Will be further worked on to fit everything perfect and sealed. Also bought a second handed steering hub, it's one of circuit hero. Much better than my previous one, the holes weren't any good anymore, and I ripped the steering wheel off
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