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Welcome to Civic5.com

We are the UK's number 1 dedicated website/owners club for owners of the 1995-2000 Honda Civic 5 door MA MB MC series. There aren't many Honda sites that welcome the civic MA/MB/MC range, but this is a site dedicated soley to the M's. We have the largest database of info and tech specs on the M series, and any information you need will be found in this site. We have a dedicated team of moderators, and there's always knowledgeable members on hand to help answer any queries you have regarding your civic M.


Ok, a bit of history on the club, and where it all began. The club name was derived from obviously the name of the car, which is "Civic", and the "5" because it is soley for the "5 door". Civic5 originally started in January 2009, on a freeforum and freewebsite domain. Our original name was civic-5 and we were located at this web address http://civic-5.yolasite.com (was originally "synthasite" until taken over by Yola) .Our forum was hosted by youforum.co.uk, again another free site.

We were not sure how the club would be received at first, but it became apparent quite quickly that there was indeed a call for a club like ours, and our member-base quickly grew. We had considered buying a proper domain and going onto a proper subscription server, but still weren't sure if the site warranted that. So in Feb 2009, we started our sister site HONDACLUB-UK. This was initially started as a backboard for promoting civic5, as a lot of Honda owners knew people who had civic M's, so would be able to spread the word about civic5. We reckoned we would get more people joining an all Honda site as opposed to a one type dedicated site. So we decided to go for a proper domain and hondaclub-uk.com was born!

By April 2009, civic-5 was busy as ever, and we were actually outgrowing the website and forum! We also outgrew Hondaclub-uk, so that site we retired just over a year later. With Civic5, we wanted to be able to have our own design on the forum and the site, a custom theme and logo that would instantly identify with civic5! So the decision was made to get civic-5 onto a proper domain, and a top notch server host. Through contacts in i.t., and also one of my family members, we found a company for hosting our site. So April 2009, civic-5 changed, and civic5.com was born. We went through several custom designs (those who have been with us from the start will remember all the different logos, colours etc we've had!! :lol: ), until we reached what we have now. The rest is history!

Feel free to browse the forum, and chat to fellow Honda civic M series owners and enthusiasts. Check out our For Sale & Wanted sections for parts and cars for sale, and have a good look through our site.


Our Aim/Goal

1: To be the Uk's best M series civic site, and one of the best on the web. (Done!)

2: To give owners of civic M's a site of their own. (Done!)

3: To offer as much help and info as we can to our members & visitors to the site/forum. ((Done! That's why we are the number 1 choice for MA MB MC Civic owners Throughout the UK and the rest of the Europe!)

4: To help the Civic M's gain the respect they deserve within the Honda community. (Done! With almost 1900 (Now over 4000 since 3/4/16!) genuine members, and demand for m series civics on the rise, Civic M's have never been so popular!) We have also had the club featured in the top japanese car tuning mag BANZAI, and a more recent club focus feature in Total Honda Magazine! This has been a major achievement, and has helped promote the Civic M's even further.

5: To have official traders, who can offer our members discounts on any parts/accessories

they require. Behind the scenes, we are always in contact with various companies, trying to get

good deals for our members, and also trying to give the traders something in return.(Done! We have various Highly respected and well known companies on board now as Official Civic5 traders, offering discounts to all our members. We have also created our own CIVIC5 branded stickers and mugs, and introduced our popular "Civic5 supporter" membership scheme making CIVIC5 a proper club! It's also made civic5.com a one stop site for all a Civic M Owners needs. We have everything covered here.

Our members all say Civic5 is the best civic ma mb mc website/forum and owners club they have seen. We are widely recognized by all the top Honda forums. We hope you enjoy the site and forum too, and visit us again soon.

Admin team Civic5

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We're now onto our brand new I.P. Board forum software! Another milestone converting from our old PhPBB forum, and making civic5.com future proof

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Update: We have now converted the forum once again onto the very latest IP Board software. The whole forum now looks and feels completely different to the previous one, and is now fully compatible with all devices including mobiles and tablets. Another way of securing the clubs future and keeping us up to date with the times.

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