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Affordable Lambda sensors

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You know how it goes.....your Check Engine Light illuminates.....you switch it off or have a mechanic do it for you.......it comes on again within a few hundred miles or actually stays on after clearing the troublesome code.....so you fit an affordable universal Lambda sensor only to find you still have problems (for some strange reason Honda's don't get on with cheap universal sensors).


A Honda sensor will cost circa £200 + (silly money to spend on an ageing car).....whilst researching Civics I came across these OE Denso oxygen sensors :




I'm not affiliated to the above Company in any way but I will be sourcing a Lambda from 'em if ever needed in the future.

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Whilst on the subject of Lambda's............Modders , Tuners or folk with a naff CAT may be interested in this downstream spacer :




It'll get rid of the pesky CEL and allow you to reset your fuel values.

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Good find! Should be useful! :)

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