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  1. My first car

    Nice tidy car mate , my car behaves perfectly with NGK spark plugs but others may suggest premium plugs. Once you service your engine you should reset the ECU. (there is a "How to reset your ECU on here somewhere) I'm too long in the tooth to bothered modding my own car but I do enjoy seeing how cars turn out so good luck with your plans.
  2. Aerodeck mc2 vti drifting in Lane!

    My car used to behave in a similar fashion........my bottom balljoints were the offenders. In your case it's tricky because you mentioned you have several worn steering components. Good luck and let us know how you go. P.S. beats me how the tyre fitter managed to track such a car....lol
  3. Front wheel bearings

    Winter tyres could also be causing your issues. Like already mentioned by Daniel.....try swapping the front wheels with the back ones. If you still have no joy it's time to start looking at your drive shafts. Good luck
  4. Dr_Broon's VTI 'deck

    Smart weather strips and immaculate glass sets a car off IMO
  5. Burbleboy's Accord

    Amazing how bad some of the drivers really are ! Some of 'em might be better suited to a pram
  6. stevie's Mb2 'shadow' ❤

    Sadly you gotta take it on the chin........I too hope it turns out to be an easy repair
  7. Very Clean MB6 wanted. Midlands.

    Fingers crossed the VTIS Simon has linked you to fits the bill Jake
  8. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    More power to your excellent work Dave Your guides are out and out porn to me. Thanks
  9. stevie's Mb2 'shadow' ❤

    Good luck with the move mate If only you had a Deck for the shunting ahead of you