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  1. We're prevented from checking out it's MOT history so I wouldn't even consider the car @ £3,500......tis a beauty though.
  2. Good to hear your health has improved Frunkster ......once you fit the new sensor your car should be back to full health. (I too had similar symptoms until I replaced the o2 sensor). I used the Motability scheme for 21 years but decided against new cars seeing as I only clock up 20/30 miles p.w. I replaced a beautiful new car for what can only be described as a bullet proof car (X reg Civic).....it has never let me down over 4 years. Good luck with your health and car.
  3. Gel

    Unicyclingtom's Vito!

    Mighty flashy van Mr T
  4. Gel

    Dan's Blue Vti Aerodeck

    Wow! what a transformation......tis a beauty you can be proud of
  5. Gel

    My EK Sedan/Ferio turbo project

    I expect you were heart broken waving goodbye to your boosted Civic You're definitely onto a winner with a Mk1 Golf Gti because the only way the price will go is up. Would be great to see your build thread over on our sister Site : https://www.futureclassiccars.uk/index.php?/forums/
  6. Gel

    Vtis project

    Sorry to hear about your expensive Woes Jake. 2019 will be worth remembering once you get your VTiS back on the road
  7. Gel

    Happy Christmas

    Happy belated Xmas wishes all.....we have more visitors today.....so the party still goes on. Santa brought me a new Sat-Nav....haven't had a chance to play with it yet. Fitting new bits and bobs to Mindy sounds like a mighty Christmas to me
  8. Gel

    My Silver MB2 Thread

    " Would you say an MB6 ARB is a decent upgrade or go all the way and get a ZS one? " I honestly don't know .....hopefully others in the know will comment anon.
  9. Gel

    My Silver MB2 Thread

    Hi Jamie, I've been following the improvements to your car with interest....mainly because I too have an MB2. Have you fitted an ARB yet ?.....IMO it's a mod that'll transform the driving experience and handling. Bless your work mate
  10. Gel

    Steering wheel

    Don't ya just love the feeling a sporty steering offers ......IMO they change the driving experience completely.
  11. Gel

    Daves Mazda MX5 Mk1 (aka Mindy)

    A good set of branded tyres.....and the job's a goodun
  12. Gel

    Burnt sparkplug?

    Don't leave it too long next time.....lol
  13. Smart phones, dumb phones.....I dislike 'em all equally....so the Bluetooth kit is a Godsend to me. My cigarette lighter receptor is a bit hit and miss (worn after 18 years of use)......with a bit of luck I might effect a permanent repair. I have lined up hundreds of MP3 single tracks to put onto a couple of midi SD cards.....the unit supports up to 32 gig.....to stop me getting bored....I'll use several 8 gig SD cards. My brother (who sent me the Bluetooth unit) ended up buying 5 units (his neighbours and friends asked him to get them one after they saw how well they worked).
  14. I have a Qualcomm bluetooth unit and love it. It plays my MP3 music from the SDHC slot.....pairing my mobile was a doddle.....all in all, it's a brilliant addition to my old jamjar. Excellent prize for someone that wants to keep their pride and joy standard
  15. Gel

    stevie's Mb2 hard decision to make

    Sad to hear you and your beloved Civic may be parting company anon Stephen ): If your replacement car is half as good you'll be doing well.