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  1. New to the old Aerodeck

    Hi Twan and welcome , you've picked a brilliant bullet proof car to rejuvenate....enjoy the experience.
  2. Mae's diamond *mb1*

    A well deserved win for your super MB1 Mae
  3. Fog lights for Civic MB3

    Hi and welcome to Civic5, this Company may have the lights you need ? https://www.buycarparts.co.uk/honda/civic-vi-aerodeck-mb-mc/9546/10540/fog-light-insert Good luck because they're like hen's teeth
  4. Dr_Broon's VTI 'deck

    Thanks for the heads up Dr B :), us softie Southners have no need for Winter tyres....lol
  5. X Reg MB2 1.4S auto

    Yeah, it's a doddle of a job and relatively cheap I spent a fair amount when I first got the car 3 years ago (suspension work, replaced cam belt, pump, tensioner etc.) In reality it would cost circa £2,000 to replace my car with an equally good newer car so it makes perfect sense to spend £100 having the back brakes renewed even though my car can't be worth much over £500 which in turn means I'm always underinsured.....he he I can't have my cake and eat it. The engineering bathtub theory doesn't apply to Honda's....lol...lol...lol
  6. X Reg MB2 1.4S auto

    My Advisories state my rear discs and pads need replacing in the near future......I've just forked out for insurance so the I'll have the brakes renewed next month if my Bank manager is agreeable.......I would have preferred having the work carried out there and then but the Garage was "flat out like a lizard".
  7. X Reg MB2 1.4S auto

    My dependable 1.4 S auto just passed it's MOT again so it gets to live for another year I bought my car cheaply and got to say it's the best bargain car I've ever owned but will probably replace it with something fresher this Summer......I've been saying that since I got the car These Honda's just grow on you eh
  8. A o' Hell used to be my provider on dial up and broadband.....their service was terrible so I left 'em but I still use my AOL a/c....wouldn't consider using their browser ever again.....it was terribly bloated and slow.
  9. Government Websites inhibit my AOL addy from uploading etc. I think my addy is viewed as spam.......whole blocks of AOL addresses are considered spam or worse. You may be flogging a dead horse when it comes to AOL.......the easy solution is for me to furnish a different email.
  10. Don't go to any bother Dave because this isn't the first time I've had troubles with an AOL A/C.
  11. Still no email to my AOL a/c
  12. Checked email and spam folders.......nope ....not a d**ky bird.
  13. Mark's MC2 - Frey

    Good luck with your planned improvements to your solid tidy wagon