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  1. Gel

    You can help us!

    The link is duff Dave https://www.futureclassiccars.uk/index.php?/forums/
  2. Gel

    1999 MB4 From Spain

    Welcome aboard Oscar your straight MB is worth a bit of pandering.....enjoy your upgrading. You sure about fitting leather seats considering your hot climate ?
  3. Gel

    Front Passenger Door "Clicking" Noise

    Hi and welcome Rissy, might be wise to have a good inspection of the underside of your car......rust or a fracture could give similar symptoms. Good luck with finding the irritating noise
  4. All's well that ends well
  5. Gel

    My mb4 civic

    Welcome aboard Clare, lovely smart looking motor
  6. Good old DD comes to the rescue ........pity the bolt snapped but such is the way with all things mechanical. A quick round of golf with the Bank Manager should see you right.
  7. Gel

    My Silver MB2 Thread

    Lovely straight looking car As the custodian you're duty bound to improve the car.
  8. Gel

    CHEAP Civic Aerodeck

    My money is still on the radiator being the problem......your gas tester will tell a multitude. Yes, a faulty pump impellor could give the symptoms you describe but I recommend you remove the radiator and flush it through before you start throwing money at a problem that may not exist. Like already mentioned you may have air in the system......Civics are notoriously difficult to bleed so it's advisable to have a look at the guide for getting all air out of the system.
  9. Gel

    CHEAP Civic Aerodeck

    Running hot at Motorway speeds suggests a blocked radiator, you've already dismissed the thermostat so you could try back flushing the radiator to see if efficiency improves. You can easily rule out cylinder head gasket pending failure by having the fumes from your hot radiator analysed. Good luck
  10. There is an interesting thread about what qualifies semi modern cars as classics over on our sister Site : https://www.futureclassiccars.uk/index.php?/forums/topic/43-what-do-you-think-makes-a-car-a-modern-classic/ I'm a bit staid in my ways so I'd love to hear opinions from younger enthusiasts.
  11. Gel

    Dawns Civic Aerodeck Updated 28/5/13

    My car has healthy stock springs and dampers but no ARB so handles like a boat......doesn't worry me because I rarely get past 40/50 mph here in congested London. If sedate cruising is the norm from now on who cares about pin sharp handling ? Once your car is back to standard ride height and general spec you'll find it'll get a lot of attention from the purist brigade. He he I'm no different when it comes to tyres i.e. I'm about to replace my rear tyres for the exact same reason as you. Look after DD ....she's worth it
  12. White wouldn't be my choice but I gotta admit your wheels look tasty
  13. Gel

    Dawns Civic Aerodeck Updated 28/5/13

    As an old boy that likes his comfort I'd recommend you go back to stock springs and uprated shocks......selling the Meisters means you can fund the new callipers without the open wallet surgery. Your severe ingress of water should be easy enough to resolve whereas minor leaks are a pig to trace....so good luck on that score.
  14. You'll have to uprate the seatbelts to handle the extra stopping power