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  1. Very Clean MB6 wanted. Midlands.

    Fingers crossed the VTIS Simon has linked you to fits the bill Jake
  2. So the power of dreams really works Nice one Stephen
  3. The Thread is 12 months old so I doubt you'll get a response from the original poster. Could be any of the regular suspects already mentioned. If it were me ....I'd start by cleaning all engine earths.
  4. Auto hack

    No MOT mentioned though. If I were in the market for an A to B car I'd be on it like a light. I don't know the vendor from Adam but I do hope the car goes to an enthusiast. Pity I placed it in the wrong section.
  5. Auto hack

    Could be a good steady workhorse or you could pop another engine & gearbox in there : http://www.exchangeandmart.co.uk/used-cars-for-sale/honda/civic/honda-civic-1.6i-vtec-se-aero-deck-20220393
  6. "Fun is fun but setting a pig on a man's dog is no fun" Krzys Congrats Daniel
  7. I'm annoyed that I wasn't given the opportunity to vote considering we have 6 days of July left.
  8. Your car is in a league of it's own Alex.....well done
  9. Single wiper

    This one doesn't talk much....but works like a goodun