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  1. Gel

    MB6 problem

    No 12v feed to the main relay means you should be suspecting a faulty ignition switch .
  2. With that sort of power you'll be needing a dry road for sure.
  3. Great buy Mark ....good luck with the upgrades.
  4. Gel

    New mb6

    Great find I'm amazed the engine isn't seized.....maybe the description of events isn't accurate ? I'd be inclined to do a compression test before you dig any deeper.
  5. Dave, I know how difficult it is to part with a car that has grown on you but move on we must. Recently, I toyed around with the idea of leasing a Cooper-S.....had a great time dreaming about such a potent pocket rocket but once reality set in I wen't off Mini's i.e. I'm too old for super taut suspension set-up's and the known reliability issues. I did test drive a Cooper and a Cooper-S......gotta say the Cooper was a beautiful car to drive whereas the S was far too choppy for City driving....again I think it's an age related thing.....lol Bye bye Carly
  6. The mileage you intend covering isn't too much for DD but you'll be losing exactly what makes DD endearing to folk and collectable i.e. the low mileage and meticilious service record. IMHO 24,000 miles p.a. is just too much for an ol' girl like DD. Having a Mindy of your own has been a lifetime ambition for you Dave.....and don't forget how Mindy kept occupied after your life changing illness. Decisions decisions....who needs 'em.
  7. Sell Carly, garage Mindy and use DD as your everyday car. Thus far you've been lucky with Carly i.e. BMW Mini's are notorious for expensive woes. There is another solution.........move to a hot climate....lol
  8. Looking forward to seeing Tubs once she gets back from the Rust Hospital. Yep I agree.......old Honda's seem to grow on folk.
  9. Amazing how you shoehorned the turbo in there All you need is a boot decal/badge ....you can then say....job's a goodun.
  10. Those wheels and tyres look brilliant in the images but you may have to downsize ?
  11. The wingwangs also made me chuckle Those tyres look like they'll perform.....how wide and what make are they ?
  12. If some greedy git asked for £100, I'd be spurred on to make one or have one made for me regardless of cost.
  13. The front shocks I ordered online were incorrect so my garage had to source the correct ones, I guess the shocks I got were for an EK / EJ ?
  14. You have all the parts/sections for an A1 repair Simon so you gtotta go ahead with the plan.
  15. Confusion is my middle name.....lol
  16. Interesting how the Yanks class our Civic 5 as the sixth Gen, always causes confusion when ordering parts online.
  17. I suspect the nut you speak of is captive ? That's quite serious rot Simon....means you'll have to spend more than anticapted.
  18. Class work as per usual ....power steering is a must unless you're Hercules.
  19. Once you cut out Ricky rust you'll have a very solid car well worth attention and spoiling.....it's great to see cars being repaired properly
  20. 30 euros sounds about right.....I recently bought an immaculate set from George @Vtisgilman for similar money.
  21. I suspect the EK/EJ/EM mounts will be different. Unless you're going to race or track your car....I'd advise you to stick with standard mounts from a scrapyard because you'll lose all refinement (chassis vibration). Hopefully someone with product knowledge will soon pipe up
  22. Brilliant results George.....if that grill was sitting in my rear view mirror.....I'd move over unless I was driving a type R.
  23. The perfect car for your National Geographic Tour .....nice one Gayle.....you really do know how to enjoy life.
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