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My first car...Mb3 shenanigans


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Indeed it looks good tom :D I just happened to have some matt black laying round  WACK11111


ahhhhh thank you @Krzys! i've been searching all over for a guide :') i'll give it a go tomorrow, if the rain holds out  cry.gif1

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looks better after that wash mate! under the hood though is.... well...... sick-smileys-1050.gif]


as for wire tuck, how far you planning on going? battery in boot? just headlight loom? engine loom aswel?


I have done all of that basically so check out my thread, I should have a fair few pictures of the tuck on there and where I routed everything. if not I can probably find some on my phone for you

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Isn't it just! did have a go at cleaning but to no avail really :')


i'm not to sure to be honest, i think for now i just need to figure out how to make it not look so damn awful :'D
I will have a gander thanks for the point in the right direction  :-D

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Aye that's something i need to invest in, cleaning things that is! just been scrolling through your thread and holy cow is your ride clean :o 
I think i may leave the bay alone for now, till my interiors done anyways...


So updates! 

 more de-rovering..



aannd while that was drying..

My headliner is pretty saggy and nasty so out that came angrymod.gif1  F'in pain in the booty hole! Untill i started using a tyre lever to pry things seems to work really well :D

race car? rlol.gif1


ewwww, gonna go hunting for some more interesting fabric to reline it WACK11111


poor garge is lookin a bit on the full side... O_O

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