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My first car...Mb3 shenanigans


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Hiya folks

If you're anything like me pictures are good...so here we go WACK11111


After a quick wash of course...




yumm :x



eh> my mate trying to figure out the phantom belt...



but then...



Can't leave me with anything shiney for 5 mins :twisted:  rlol.gif1


So that's where things are atm, cars got a sagging headliner and a gaffa'd drivers side wing mirror, aswell as an overheating problem, although, I think I may have solved that one already. Seems my water pump belt is non existent...  :?:  :-P



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Indeed it is half leather .

Oh yeah i forgot to mention the car was a freebe! Score :D



well my grill is ready to go back on tomorrow and i may have dabbled in a little photoshop, while it was drying...
Not quite right but you get the idea sorta :)




Is there a decent wire tuck tutorial about? i remember seeing one for abs i think...
hmmmm anyways that's all for now ^^.


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Looks nice car mate. There is no water pump belt unless your timing belt is missing as well in which case your fooked.

Water pumps on the timing belt.

If your overheating.

Check coolant level and bleed if required. . Make sure fan works. And buy a new thermostat. That's the usual suspect.

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