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My first car...Mb3 shenanigans


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Just one thing to note, the door handle cable is clipped on to the door handle itself, either green or white, you need to unclip it from the metal rod and then the hook will lift out. This is on the back of the door handles by the way. People tend to snap those but they're easy to do properly if you know about it.



It's the red part on the above picture as an example.


Hope this helps! 

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Quick update for ya's...
 stillllll not had time to play :C but i did lob in some led's in the drivers footwell & glovebox. wired up to the cig lighter on a switch. nuthin mad but was free  WACK11111



Oh and binned a wheelie today while out cycling. Two b****red knees and a nice smack to the side of the head ;D



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