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Philgor's 2005 Honda CR-V


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On 9/2/2018 at 3:19 PM, noodels said:

Was referring to old Bill,

a local chap who rides a penny farthing and wears a funny hat, he is always flashing his lights and ringing his bell  :wink:

Lmao mad! :pmsl:

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Been car shopping. Bought another one. 20180908_123858.jpg.f288e4baf59844c727146ff37efe7906.jpg


A 2006, 2.2CDTI 6spd manual, in executive trim.

That means 

Cruse control.

Sat nav, and it still works well! 

Heated leather seats, 

8disk changer under the passenger seat,

Power fold mirrors


It's also got

Its got a full set of water proof mats through out. They were about 200 quid! 

Towbar with twin electrics.

Chrome side bars


Its got the odd stone chip and scuff but it's done 107k so it's stuff i can deal with.

Its also just had for the mot, rear disks and pads, caliper, and rear shock absorber.


My list has a few bits on it. 


Tyres, the ones on it have life in them, but, don't inspire confidence in the wet..


Mirrors, the mechanism is slow, and one casing is cracked. I suspect the fold function hasn't been used in a while. 


Fit an aux/Bluetooth adaptor. Ditch the CD changer. See about updating the Sat nav


Need to add a gear stick extension as it's to low for my liking. 





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  • 4 weeks later...

She looks tidy mate, hopefully you'll have more luck with it being a different colour this time. I see it has the sill bars/steps too, or did they all have them? 

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On 10/4/2018 at 8:23 PM, dr_broon said:

Looks good in that colour mate. Let's hope no dumbass drives into this one! angrymod.gif1

I saw it. And fell in love with the colour, it's got a purple hue to it in the sun light. And same here! 


On 10/8/2018 at 6:48 PM, Dave said:

She looks tidy mate, hopefully you'll have more luck with it being a different colour this time. I see it has the sill bars/steps too, or did they all have them? 


Cheers Dave! The sill bars were an optional extra. The last 2 had them fitted. Pretty rare to find. 2nd hand.

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Part 1. 


Well.. time for a bit of a general update, 


Let's see... still work for DFDS, it's given the me the opportunity to travel the lenght and breadth of the UK, and see some amazing sights, like Glencoe, 20190619_160856.jpg.90bea58f89e41257a7cfdf363be0795d.jpg


And the not so amazing sights like the industrial centre of Liverpool....


Sorry to anyone in Liverpool, you can't quite beat the beauty of Scotland....


Let's see... I've also passed my HGV driving tests! FB_IMG_1564434424579.jpg.d1339a1e6039adb99e6801dcdfd31ba5.jpg



Been out and about with it. Had some interesting times with it, taking an artic into the centre of Salford isn't my kinda idea of fun! 


End of part 1


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Part 2


Anyway the car, it's still alive, and has still got all 4 wheels attached to it! 

Have had a couple of small issues with it, but nothing I can't sort. 


The alternator bearings decided to go noisy, common fault, the n22a engines auxiliary belt routing puts a lot of strain on the alternator bearings. 








Put a new alternator on, replaced the tentioner pulley bearing and fitted the new shorter belt, and also dropped the oil and filter while I was there. 




Also found the pipe that runs between the air box and turbo had split...

Upside, the turbo noise is cool as f**k...  

Down side... unfiltered air entering the intake....




A used pipe is like unicorn poop.... New one from Honda was about £65quid... 




Next up is mot time! 


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Part 3! 


New project! 

Earlier this year I was offered the opportunity to fully buy an item that I used to part own.


And I don't think anything of its type has ever featured on this forum....


It's a locomotive... yes a train...





Built in 1957, works number 2654 she was used for most of its life at Pilkington glass, st Helens. And she is called Doncaster.... yes Doncaster.


It's a back burner project, as it needs shed space to be worked on. 


The spec.


Roll-royce C6T. 6 cylinder, 12ltr non intercooled turbo diesel producing around 200hp and 800nm of torque.

Top speed is around 20mph. It's a shunting loco. Designed to move heavy weights at low speed.


Plans, reassemble, full rewire, refit all Windows, commission a vac brake system, and repaint...


 And eventually get her to a railway where it'll be used and looked after. 


So yeah... a train.... I never thought I'd start a project thread on a train on a car forum....

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Lol deffo a first mate!! Mind you, you know how mad trying to fix cars can make you, reckon trying to fix that will make you go loco! rlol.gif1

Think the last time we spoke on the phone you'd only just got a share in the train, so nice one for getting it completely. 

Good to see the CRV has been avoiding other dopey drivers too, looking good mate. 

Need to catch up soon. Oh, and need to come down and see this train sometime soon! 

Mind, if you're up this way in the van feel free to pop in for a coffee bud. Always welcome.

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