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Philgor's 2005 Honda CR-V


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14 hours ago, philgor said:


We all love you anyway! Just be careful as some people may love you more than others...

Some people's love makes me sore in my private places :embarrassed-smiley-face:

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Been caught cleaning it! And Alex polishing krzys headlights. Couldn't believe the difference! 



Simply Japanese was a bloody good show, I got sun burnt quite nicely!


Covered 670 miles, and it's really comfy to drive, decent fuel consumption as well. Just over 30mpg.


Oh, also spotted an old friend at simply Japanese aswell!



The new owner has got some big plans for her, he also saved her from the cutters torch quite literally. 

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Well after 3 months of it kicking around in the car, home, work (delete as appropriate)  I finally got around to fitting the towbar.


Wasn't looking forward to the drilling of 16 holes in to the chassis rails. But fortunately they had left dimples in the rails to guide drilling. 



Thule / brink detachable tow bar. 



Had to remove, the boot floor / table, spare wheel liner, side plastics and you can just see the dimples for drilling out to 20mm in the boot and 10mm in the bottom of the chassis. 



Done! It's also bolted to the rear towing eye. 


Just need to sort the electrics out, but that's a 5 minute job as it's all plug and play. 

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Finally got around to sorting the electrics on the towbar, new socket wiring etc, and it worked first time aswell!




So I played pretend trucker for the morning on Saturday,  did ok, pulled better than I expected,  the gearbox didn't hunt like I was expecting it to do.



And as for today, I was working on this. Screenshot_20161023-214158.png


A Thomas hill type 1 loco, only one of its type left, it had a water leak on the main water pipe on the heads, which require the water pump to be removed (bloody heavy as well!) was a bit of a rush job as it's required for film work next week.. 


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Yay, fresh scratch....IMG-20161113-WA0037.jpeg


Hopefully it'll polish out....


In other news, I have a new vehicle to drive....received_10206057552838108.jpeg


The old van has been given a retirement (being sent to Africa) and I have been given this. very nice to drive. and the heater works aswell! 

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So, yeah, forgot about this....:Facepalm1:


So it's been nearly a year since I picked up the crv. So its MOT time. 

And it failed. 


NSR drop link detached. 




So got two new ones fitted as the other had play in the ball joint. 


Apart from that it's been a good motor to have. My front auxiliary lamps stopped working last weekend, that was down to a rotten relay. 



It's now got another relay and separate fuse fitted.



 That's about it. It's now got a fresh mot and it covered 17,000miles between tests. So yeah it doesn't get used during the week. But gets used a fair bit at the weekends. 


Next on the list are N

Brakes, service, and a sump as mine is corroded. 

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