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Philgor's 2005 Honda CR-V


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On 24/04/2016 at 0:05 AM, MB3Matt said:


I've just ordered a similar one for my FK3 Dave, so I'll let you know how it goes.


I have a secret love for the CRV, they look so good when looked after.

 Thanks, it's just a shame that she's a cat C write off, which is a p**sed on a really nice car. 

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Well I've still got it. The insurance company still haven't got in touch with me yet, it's only been a month since it happened...


So, it's being used for transport for my sisters wedding tomorrow. So its been cleaned for tomorrow.


I also miss the amber fogs from the deck so while I was at japfest I bought some amber tint film.



It's only a quick job which was done with the fogs still in the bumper 




It also gives the front a bit of colour as well. 

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this is going well, i had to chase the insurance company up... 


the accident happened 4 april,

was told its a write off on the 22nd,

and i had to ring the insurance co up today, as they haven't rung me back...


anyway, they have offered me 3630. my response was, "and i keep the car"

"no, its our policy not to sell back" 


to the point, I've not accepted their offer, I've found 3 cars of similar age/miles, all within 500 quid of mine (i've only had it 7wks, and its lost 2k in that) but none of them have parking sensors or towbars....



watch this space. 




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Well I had a free day, and my local off road center had a 4x4 running day. So I went. 



Only getting started.



This was proper stuck... That stuck it took 3 winches to get him out...


Steep with a mud bath at the bottom 


Not as steep, with a 4/5 inch water splash at the bottom. Went through it at around 20mph... IMG-20160529-WA0008.jpeg

Getting muddy!


Pre wash down.




And post wash down, 




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Right, the review of it off road, 


It's quite good actually, a wasn't going out expecting to be a mud plugger, and I was hoping it wouldn't s**t it's self in the first bit of mud it sees. 


The main issues are clearances. Front,  rear and underneath. 

Front isn't so bad it's just the under tray on the bumper that catches, the rear is the towbar. But the big issue is the underside. 

Everything is exposed, the exhaust, and fuel tank, the latter isn't so bad, as it's got a cage around it. But it's still hanging down exposed..


Apart from that, which if I do keep it, will know more late next week. I will be looking at a small lift. And steel under trays etc. 


Want to aim something like this.IMG-20160529-WA0018.jpg


As long as your careful and don't expect a land-rover performance, it'll be OK. 

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