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Hello everybody my name is john and i have an mc2 civic.

The specs are very long .

basics are

Integra transmision

Skunk2 intake

Fuul exuast 

P30 ecu with chip

AEM air intake

4fly clutch

Last dyno was 198 ps on crankshaft.







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Welcome John, really sweet looking VTi you've got. Quite rare in white as well, has she been resprayed as the inner wings look like pirates black? The model you've got is an MB6 (1.8 VTi 5door hatch), the MC2 is the 1.8 VTi Aerodeck (civic estate).

Nice list of mods , what's the plans for this one? Engine bay looks mega clean! And that air intake blended into front bumper looks ace!

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My english is not songood sorry!!im litle bit still confused about hondas ..this isnmy first time honda owner..

Yes it is resprayed .

The car was built from the second  owner and to tell you the truth i dont want to spoilet beucose everything is made verry bweel.

From unter has front and back extra bars and engine bay and trunk also.full koni  suspension.the car has set up for race track from the previous owner.

The engine needs rebuild because the third owner  let it wit no oil..

It runs goodbut my mind says rebuild it from the start. the intake goes to front bumper that has a special box covered with plastic for the road waters.

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Wow! Bad that the previous owner let the oil go so low, but these engines are pretty bullet proof so depending on mileage, a rebuild might not be needed. Although saying that, nothing like a freshly rebuilt engine for piece of mind.

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