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Obscene price difference for parts


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Just went to check the part number, then googled it and one of the results was the one from the states. Seen it before with a few things, but I think that's the biggest price difference I've seen. 

Not sure whether there's any quality difference with honda or not, but even if the pattern parts only last a quarter as long it's hard to justify paying the extra.

It's the rears that I need to swap, but thought I might as well change the fonts at the same time, but not at honda prices... 

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1 hour ago, KiNK43 said:

That's nearly half the price of the rears that i ordered the other day... Which were also half the price of most of the ones I saw first... £120 each for some of them! 


For some reason, the front ones say they're not compatible with the deck. Might send them a message to check. 

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