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I want to introduce my lovely Pirat Black MB2. 

I bought it from the scrap yard for 300€.

No working brakes,no working suspention,nothing...except the engine...the engine was like a new one.1,4 90hp 90k km.

I startet with the brakes and the bushings.

All new ones.

So...The brakes was the first thing.

New discs with new pads and two new calipers.

The suspention was on second place.

New bushings kit from Energy Suspention for the whole suspention.

Koni shocks.

I drived 70 000 km for two years.

After that i take a desision that i have to change something with the engine.

I read a lot of things about the minime set up(D14 block with Vtec head)

But one sunny day a friend of mine send me a photo from a Del Sol(show off car) with only 70k on the clock. The engine-D16z6,the price 800€.Only the engine,the doors and the plastics of the car were not rotten.I boight the whole car for 800€

So i deside to put the engine in my car.

Someone told me that is plug and play.

Aaaaaaand it was not.

I rewire the whole cables from the engine to the ECU. That was such a fun.

But at the end it all went good.

After that i thought that i could make some changes in the interior of the car.

I put beige seats from Rover,black roof from alcantara(self made with my wife),arm rest from VTI

I want to apollogise for my bad english.

Be save and kick the vtec till the end 


















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