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FE36275D-D742-44BF-82FA-F4DDB709BAEA.thumb.jpeg.5efaa3faf70dd332394933122e1722f0.jpegMb2 1.4 with jdm 1993 h22a.


rear stripped, wheel well deleted, will have buckets with harness and cage maybe in the rear.  Battery relocated to boot. 

H22a engine, 1.6 non lsd gearbox (looking for a U2q7 same as my ATR) hks mushroom filter. 

lowered on coil overs all round 


apart from that the car is standard. 

not looking to sell because I’ve put too much work in but curious as to what it’s worth. I guess whatever someone is willing to pay but a ball park figure would be nice imageproxy.php?img=&key=5e5292149d9a0846FE36275D-D742-44BF-82FA-F4DDB709BAEA.thumb.jpeg.5efaa3faf70dd332394933122e1722f0.jpeg







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Wrong pic

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Hard to say really. Depends on condition, mileage, engine mileage etc etc etc


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