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  1. jaymb6

    Hatch or aerodeck

    thats tidy that is, is this still for sale
  2. jaymb6

    my daily

    Some more wood gone More to do next weekend
  3. Wanted meshed front grille, Front lip and or bumper for hatch, Silver if poss And any other styling parts, close to leciestershire Would like some 4x100 alloys as well not standard Thanks
  4. jaymb6

    nose bra

    that looks mint on that Not for sale is it
  5. jaymb6

    my new mb2 hatch

    did you have to take the door card off to fit the mirrors?
  6. jaymb6

    My Silver MB2 Thread

    looking good mate, I need new alloys for mine, when some come up for mine il give you a shout Have you painted the mg spoiler yet?
  7. jaymb6

    X Reg MB2 1.4S auto

    would of been nothing if it wasnt for improving lol
  8. jaymb6

    Wanted any MB!

    has that sold srephen
  9. jaymb6

    My Civic MA9 Project

    yeah true, Looking for some decent bumpers, dont want to to do the vti lip kit as its not a vti
  10. jaymb6

    My Civic MA9 Project

    was looking for fogs seem imposbile to find
  11. jaymb6

    My Civic MA9 Project

    nice looking wheels they are
  12. jaymb6

    X Reg MB2 1.4S auto

    Nothing thats needed to be done lol, all mods mostly other than a cmabelt and a service, which was pennys
  13. jaymb6

    X Reg MB2 1.4S auto

    Just over a year, and spend more on it than I bought it for lol