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  1. Nothing at all, Rang the guy I sold it to, He sold it to this guy who basically gutted the inside and has seemed to do nothing with it, Shame as it was mint, I even managed to get the aircon working it was ice cold, The body work was covered in wax, I stupidly sold it for a fn2 type r, I just could not get on with it, Brill to drive but just wasn't me, Sold the type r after a few months and bought a vw t4 camper instead, Did more mileage in 3 weeks in the van than I did in 3 months of owning the type r,
  2. id love to buy this back, Even with it having no inside,
  3. id love to buy this back, Even with it having no inside,
  4. Sold this in september 2019 to a guy, who sold it on again to a guy called fezztech on youtube who was going to turbo it, He stripped out out, Tbh just seeing if I could buy it back if anyone knows this guy
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/civic-mb6-vtis-turbo-311bhp-full-mot-3-500-today-not-ek-eg-k20-ep3-turbo/223903106056?hash=item3421aa4408:g:rjQAAOSwSwleMBm6 its miles away from me and dont want to make the travel if its a shead
  6. mate ive got a mont cloth interior if your interested, In a dark colour?
  7. plenty of people would of chucked the towel in
  8. Has anybody fitted a in dash dvd player, Flip out screen? Just seeing how they look in the dash
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