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  1. jaymb6

    Is this repairable? If so, what on earth do I do?

    thats cheap that is
  2. jaymb6

    The new daily

    love that ducktail, whats it from?
  3. jaymb6

    my new mb2 hatch

    looking good so far, love the wheels
  4. jaymb6

    Mae's diamond *mb1*

    looks mint, love the plastics and the roof, Looks mint in white
  5. jaymb6

    my daily

    and boot bulid is a work in progress at the min
  6. jaymb6

    my daily

    need to do the door cards and redo the glove box
  7. jaymb6

    my daily

    if you saw all the tree sap on it last year, bloody sweat and tears into the body work
  8. jaymb6

    my daily

    Heres my daily, Bought last year as a stop gap for £500.00 ending up keeping it, She is a d16 and is now on a wooping 62k, Was standard when I bought it, and never saw polish or wax from the old guy who had her 17 odd years So far, Ive lowered her on coilovers, Tinted the front light yellow with film, tinted the rear lights with tail light tint spray, fitted a red rear honda badge and de badged the rear rear kode tow hook, kode bonnet rasiers on the front, OMP steering wheel, rear VIP curtains, Junction produce neck pillows, stick bombed the glove box, Cherry bomb back box fitted by custom chrome, led number plate light bulbs, sonic gear gatior and dildo ger knob, wind delfecters, purple sudade a pilars and arm rest lid, 2 jbl gt4 subs powered off a phoenix gold amp, fusion 6x9, Super mario parcel shelf Got mgzs mirrors to fit soon as well
  9. jaymb6

    My project mb6

    Good evening all This is my project and daily mb6, I bought in in Feb on 53k and it had been stood nearly a year, I've lowered it serviced it changed the cambelt and changed the steering wheel, loads more to come