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MC2 B18C4 Not responding to throttle. Probably ignition issue


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About injectors, so I'm not sure about the b series ones, but k series injectors have plastic filters in which disintegrate when using E10 fuel. We had to get them serviced on my wife's K24 accord. One was throwing a missfire fault because of being blocked with the bits of plastic, but after sorting that one it still wasn't running right because the others were on the way to going bad. 

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Lets get some updates for you guys. So the summer was good, very warm and the car worked great. Now its cold and the issues came back but different. High idle when cold and warm(feels like a cruise control sometimes :D), Stubles a bit when letting of the gas. Usually drives nice, responds to pedal input great, no stalling anymore, little stuttering sometimes, sometimes loss of power. Next i will check the ecu temperature sensor and iacv gasget

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