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  1. Lets get some updates for you guys. So the summer was good, very warm and the car worked great. Now its cold and the issues came back but different. High idle when cold and warm(feels like a cruise control sometimes :D), Stubles a bit when letting of the gas. Usually drives nice, responds to pedal input great, no stalling anymore, little stuttering sometimes, sometimes loss of power. Next i will check the ecu temperature sensor and iacv gasget
  2. Haha i have the same problem... i have done almost all the same things. Im suspecting the coolant sensor under the distributor. But update if you find the issue!
  3. Hello guys, its been really rainy windy and average autumn. My car has been under a roof for the whole autumn so i dont know how its so wet in the spare wheel compartment, there was like a 1cm of water in there. For the first time since owning my car for 4 years i notised this problem. Anyone else have or had this problem? Im thinking of the sunfoor rear drains??
  4. UPDATE: went to a mechanic shop for diagnosis. no intake leaks, there was a code for the O2 sensor. i decided to change the O2 sensor and sparkplug wires. But today when i was on a testdrive the old issues came back so back to square one :(. Still havent looked at the main relay so thats next
  5. no difference :/. luckly the relay seems to be in a easy place.
  6. When i first got the car it did this when cold for like 5 seconds randomly but now it doesnt really matter if its cold or warm. No engine light so far for a long time. i have owned the car almost 4 years. A few times over the years ive had a hard time starting but its very rare. Where is the main relay located?
  7. UPDATE: No issues for like a week. It just suddenly started to drive like normal again. To dr_broon's reply: yes the O2 sensor is like 2 years old so it isnt from that.
  8. Hello i have a big issue with ruff running and not responding to throttle input correctly. So here we go. It started with not sometimes responding to throttle input and lagging when highway driving. Over the past year ive been having a lot issues of jerky driving in low gear, driving on the highway and the car like stalling if i dont press the throttle to get it running right again (very annoing to drive more than 100kms). Then i notised that there was oil in the sparkplug holes. previously i changed the valvecover gasket and the sparkplug hole gaskets. so the sparkplug hole gaskets were leaking for a long time after the change. one of the holes was full of oil. then i started to look at the ignition system for the fault. I took off the distributor cover and notised that the covers ignition points were very dirty it looked like some kind of powder and also the rotor was in a bad condition. i cleaned them and after that the car was running like normal for like ten minutes when driving and started to have the same issues again. Few weeks ago i changed the coil, distributor cap, rotor and cleaned the sparkplug holes of oil and the sparkplugs. All that didnt resolve the issues and now im kind of lost. Im thinking of ordering new gaskets and spark plug wires. If anyone has any suggestions or advice im open to them. Also im not a native english speaker so sorry if the text is hard to read
  9. finjj

    Water leak

    I have the exact same thing on the same side. It could be the windscreen seal. In my car the plastic piece on the bottom of the windscreen has a few millimeter gap between it and the windscreen glass. im guessing its that.
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