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The family_Broon wagon


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Wow! Can really see the metallic particles in that! Stunning, reminds me of the alabaster silver on Roxy, was mega metallicy (heh, I've invented a new word! Metallicy! :rolleyes: ) Nice deep shine that mate 

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So, bit of a grumpy update. Seems I did a bit of breaking of stuff when away camping. 

We had a trip up to Whitehaven to get some supplies in, and had the boys bikes on the roof... 

Went into a car park with a height restriction bar on... Didn't end well. 













Safe to say I was fuming with myself. Totally didn't notice the bar was there with it being round a corner and up a slight hill.. Was too busy trying to figure out where the car park was. 


Looks like it's fixable, and we were going to get it into the body shop anyway to get some rust and scratches sorted out, but it's a bit of a bummer and more expensive. 


As it needs new roof trim anyway, going to try and get some rails instead of having those bars that grab the roof. Never liked them anyway. 


Luckily I was next to a boat yard and was able to borrow a lump hammer and done wooden blocks, otherwise i wouldn't have been able to straighten the bar that was bent to get them back on. Would've been well stuffed. 

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