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  1. Only thing getting wrapped is the front crash bar black and I put the number plate back on top of lower grill
  2. My vibration was under 30 and sounded like someone trying to break thro the armrest lol
  3. Clean little car with a few bits done already Full ram air induction Airtec stage 2 intercooler All pipes changed in bay Decat and 3in custom exhaust And mapped to 292bhp The noise this wee car makes is unreal lol
  4. First thing to go is the orange fogs lol
  5. Anyway picked up myself a little volvo powered 5 cylinder st focus
  6. It lasted me 3 and a bit years and that's a record for me lol
  7. Just costing to much and really bad vibration somewhere on prop new center bearing new flex disk didn't solve and think it was on the gearbox side so away it went
  8. Lol true mate I like the blue but not sure how it would look on the big bus think I might go for the matt grey to be different
  9. Getting wrapped again next month what you guys think nardo grey , matt grey, or blue
  10. Lol think I'll do a few more first bud then see about a unit for when am on my month off could do it part time
  11. Possible next project .... Christ lol
  12. Next project started yesterday
  13. Roof done just need to do runners might just do them black
  14. I wouldn't have went for yellow looks like the old aa vans lol
  15. Back doors to do then its done
  16. He wanted it yellow coz he has a wee jordan ek civic lol
  17. Started my mates transporter
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