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  1. Looking for another car between 4k-5
  2. And do this to it this morning lol
  3. 150 quid new timing belt and radiator mot till oct 1.0l power house
  4. Bought this little bad boy
  5. The pics don't do the wheels justice when sun hits them there's a lot of gold flake in it
  6. Yeah rare sunshine lol cheers man it is clean
  7. The oil was when my steering rack shat itself lol
  8. Couple wee picks of the st polished and sealed
  9. No keen on colour myself but each to there own. I've got a mk1 tt to do and a fiesta st in orange! I'll just do them on my month off from work just now see if I get better at it still loads to improve on.
  10. Just roof and wee side bits to do
  11. Polished then put jet seal on car yesterday see how long it stays clean lol
  12. Lol na wheels were acid dipped and powder coated its my mates business so I get them cheap he even said he done this set cheaper again because he knows ill want them done differently in about a month lol. No sure about doing mirrors or that kinda like it all white.
  13. Cheers bud going to hydro dip my engine cover and other parts under the hood bronze carbon
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