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  1. Well i decided i should look further into this and it turns out that 3 bolts have snapped off the flex disk on the propshaft so new ones required lol
  2. So the wraps on hold. Infact the bm is on hold gearbox shat itself the other day so time for another Honda lol
  3. Yeah hopefully look good aint another e60 in fife that colour lol
  4. Lol going to try get this wrap done good taking side skirts off and doing them proper as there the worst bits for peeling
  5. Haha i know where i went wrong the last time so hopefully do a better job of it this tine round. Shouldve just stuck to changing wheel colour every other week instead of wraps lol
  6. Yeah man there nice. Well thats the wrap ordered lol
  7. So the boy thats painting my car cant do it for couple months best get the wrap out again then :D
  8. I like the look of it too but not sure how its gona look on an e60 lol
  9. Yeah dave ive got the paint made already thats why i took the wrap off we where going to prep it for paint tomorrow and paint it thur fri. The wrap wasnt bad it just annoyed me that i couldn't polish it up and it looked dull at times. The new paints gona be a hit or a miss though lol
  10. I reckon i could wrap it in couple days now that ive done it before hmmmm what colour
  11. Tbh it wasnt too bad there was a couple bits that were s**t but alot of people said it was really good for a 1st attempt. Wish it was still on took it off coz it was getting painted this week now its not since were in lockdown
  12. Lol just dont get the nice gloss finish wi wrap lol yeah dave rjm
  13. Wraps coming off lol cars getting painted Ferrari rossa red
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