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  1. Cheers bud . I tried to join civic5 on Facebook but want let me lol my names dp wraps any idea why I can't join
  2. Cheers thats it all done bar the spoiler 8hours all together
  3. Yeah shadow grey it's called just finished it today on my lunch break lol apart from roof
  4. Started wrapping today lol
  5. Bought ma son a wee 1.2 skoda
  6. Number plate back on now tho lol
  7. Wrapped the front bit behind plate today
  8. Yeah mate did this one myself used teckwrap wrap this time it's good stuff
  9. It looks more like chrome in real life lol
  10. Yeah bud teckwrap this time lol
  11. So should I remove the gti badge
  12. Indeed they are lol never parked so far away from kerbs lol
  13. Yeah lol I like it alot tbh. Handles well drives spot on sounds good and is surprisingly good on fuel for it being 300bhp
  14. s**te like but never mind a car is replaceable yeah everyone OK
  15. Defo it's hard enough getting parked where I'm at
  16. Not a professional effort but it does the job lol
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