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  1. Butcher

    Engine Light

    Cheers Broon. I think that's one of the threads I looked at before, just went to a dead link. Anyway, found this one, which looks just the ticket. Shall give it a go tomorrow.
  2. Butcher

    Engine Light

    Engine light came on today. No apparent problems with the car. Just the light of ever-lasting uncertainty in the dash. How do I check for fault codes and stuff? Had a quick look but I can't see any guides on here.
  3. Looks good. I'm jealous! Rare to hear a bov on a Stagea. On the autos they normally do just recirculate back through the filter I think, and sound nothing like that! Just a hiss...
  4. I don't think that's an astronomical figure for an importer, and I definitely wouldn't expect JM Imports to be any cheaper (I think they're at the upper end of the market, and some of the cars they bring in are crazy money). I think it costs them about 1k to get the car over here. Then there's all the admin fees, the guys that need paid over in Japan... And take the mileages with a pinch of salt, every JDM import seems to come with 60k miles... You could possibly try the owners club. Brian, who runs it imports a few cars, and has good experience of manuals too, he owns both an RS Four S and a silly fast RS260 himself. In fact he's a big fan of the RS Four S and has imported a few, so if anything he'll be able to tell you a lot about them. No idea how involved he is these days mind, I'm a bit out of the loop.
  5. Leather was an optional extra in the Stagea. I had it in mine. Much, much nicer than the cloth interior. Full electrics too. Seats don't hold you well though. Slide all over the place. That said, I don't think the interior is quite so bad in the S2. And the RS Four S may have had different interior again, I can't remember.
  6. When I say S, I mean Series 1 and Series 2. S1 runs on the same stuff as the R33 Skyline, and the Series 2 the R34 respectively. Like Krzys says, there's little in it. Aside from a slight increase in performance, it's just a slightly different trim. A facelift model rather than a completely different car. But the S2 is newer, a little more refined. There wasn't many of them about when I had mine to be honest. RS Four S is a Series 2 car, and the only factory manual other than the RS260. Series 2 RS Four V is the only turbo RWD car. All others only really differ in trim. Understated.
  7. Bulb come in the post today. I daren't really touch it tbh. If it's not working in the first place, you can't really break it. But if it is working, it'll be pretty much guaranteed that I break it.
  8. S1 and S2 are virtually the same. S2 just has a slightly more refined version of the RB25 in the S1, so I think it comes with about 20 or 30bhp more as standard. They're both easily tunable to over 300bhp though. Exhaust, decat, intercooler, remap, and you're pretty much there. Manual will be a bit quicker too because there's less lost through the transmission.
  9. Well, I ordered a bulb on eBay last night, and today it started working again by itself... Must be a loose connection.
  10. Yup, 260RS is the Autech. Only 500 made in Japan. There's maybe 5 in this country, at a guess. Usually set you back about 8-10k for a standard one. RS Four S is the one to go for if you want a manual. Though there's a handful of converted manuals about. There's definitely a couple in the country with the GTR kit too. A few simple mods will see about 315bhp, which is about what the 260RS is standard. Auto box is not really good for more than 370bhp. You could get a manual over 400bhp before you start putting mental money into it.
  11. I used to have Stagea. Still miss it. Highly recommended. Expect to pay premium rates for one with a GTR kit though. Circa 5k (which I think is about what the kit is worth in itself). Going rate for a S1 used to be around 1.5-2.5k depending on condition. S2 a bit more. For a rare factory manual S2 (RS Four S), again you'd pay about 4-5k. All others are auto (apart from the Autech with full GTR spec - about 10k!) It'll rape you at the Shell garage.
  12. Meh. I've broken every other panel on the car already. No point stopping now.
  13. Where can I find one of these then? My clock gone kaput. Searching through the forum it seems likely to be the bulb and I need very tiny hands to fit it. But where do I get one? (Bulb. Not a tiny hand).
  14. I did fancy the 2.4. What mpg are you getting simpo?
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