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  1. B18C4 VTEC failre?

    Hi! Is that possible I feel VTEC engagement suffering a few times? I dont know how to describe it... Usually its good around 4800... Very few times rpm goes to 4800+, and its like not giving power in vtec or like blunt or something. Maybe I feel it wrong, I dont know. Usually its good. Oil is good, vtec solenoid gasket has like 10000 miles on it. Any ideas?
  2. B18 engine problem

    Today it didnt started with warm engine. I drove there, it was there 1 hour already. Took apart the dizzy, nothing looks wrong. After two tries it started. BUT the dizzy... its a f*ckin aftermarket sh*t* Inner end of the shaft is like loosen, contol module not NEC... its a s**tty dizzy. Even the seal of the cap was a bit big for this dizzy... but it has a TD-86U sticker on it. I think all the problem is from this s**t :\ I told him to buy a complete oem one, Or rebuild my old spare one.
  3. B18 engine problem

    Thank you. A little update. Leads changed to new ones, but it was still bad, especially when warm. My friend changed the rotor, he said it looks better now. Tomorrow I gonna go there and check. Next step is coil change, maybe ignition control module change. Then if its still sucks, next will we o2 sensor. Thats the plan
  4. B18 engine problem

    Hi! A friend of mine bought an MC2 1.8 vti +LPG. Today I drove the car and it has a strange engine problem. Pulls almost fine, nothing too bad problem, so its stock"ish" power I think. Only problem is, when I drive it easy (throttle lightly, normal city drive), throttle disappears for 2-3 seconds, I feel it on the pedal, nothing happens, then it kicks and pulls again. Its around 2600-2800rpm, i drove it in 3th gear, and I could repeat the problem again, so its that range, where its bad, Any ideas? :\
  5. MB6 LMA info

    Hi! Is there somebody, who knows which type of LMA do we have in B18C4? Should be changed to upgraded spring type, or is it already the upgraded? I will have a valve stem seal change, so maybe I would change those too, to reduce ticking noise. What are the bad side of ticking LMAs? Only the sound, or something loss in engaged VTEC?
  6. Neverending MB6 project

    should I join cotm? Is this MB good enough?
  7. Neverending MB6 project

    Cuz its ukdm. need this, because 95% of local meets are full of jdm's
  8. Neverending MB6 project

    Added poor mans K&N filter. Seen this solution on integra forums. K&N RU-2820 filter and the two ends of used itr filter. Same diameter as stock filter. Half a price of k&n drop in itr filter.
  9. Neverending MB6 project

    Cold air feed is almost finished. Tube from itr box goes down to this trumpet.
  10. Neverending MB6 project

    Few pictures from season open honda meet
  11. Cooler blown!!

    Hi! My cooler radiator blown at the top today. MB6 1.8 vti First.. my radiator cap's sticker got off, because leaked some coolant at the top somehow. I was about it just a faulty cap. Today I changed it. Same 1.1bar, same size, etc. After 5 miles my rradiator blown at the top (where the aluminium metts the plastic). Oil looks good, coolant is clear and I didnt noticed any bad smell from coolant. Interesting thing, the coolant reservoir tank was at minimum level (as before the ride). What are my chances? What it could be?
  12. Totally lost with water leak :\

    Problem gone. Just for the info, it was from the roof rails, but also leaked from the fuel cap area. Under the fuel cap, U can see where the body is connected. If I remember back to rebuild, I sanded that area a bit, also had a bit rust at the connection point. i think i damaged the seal there while removing the rusty spot. Now its sealed. tested, no water leaks. Only the paint correction process left on sealed spots.
  13. B18C4 header to 4-1

    My plan is to keep the daily mid range power and gain on top, or later go for 4-2-1 aftermarket if I dont like the 4-1. It would be a B series TSS 4-1 manifold. a bit bigger diameters. new price from germany is 400 euro. I will buy it for 90 euro. with TUV papers. I just want to upgrade the exhaust system a bit, also have an ITR airbox with cold air feed. Maybe if its worth to do, i will adjust the ecu for these mods with tuned p28. But not sure yet,if it worth the money