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  1. Update: this winter i've noticed that on very slippery conditions and on slow speeds, the abs works intermittently. Let's say i'm going down a icy road at 40km/h (25mph), jam the breaks, and the abs will go on and off multiple times during the duration of the braking. So kind of works but... lacks power? Could it be the abs pump on its way out?
  2. You mean silicone the gasket to make a more secure fit? What kind of silicone? I've used hondabond when changing rocker cover gaskets.
  3. Really nice, have been thinking about a yellow deck myself also. Imho it would be even better with white wheels now...
  4. I'm suspecting an oil leak somewhere inside the engine which causes the car to burn even more oil than a vtec honda normally would. It feels like i'm topping up more often than before. I've also had oil frequently inside one of the spark plug wells even after changing the gaskets, for a few years now.
  5. My problem got sorted by replacing the o2 sensor. It's become a yearly thing now, this fall i swapped it before mot and passed without any notifications. The old sensor was totally black. But in your case it has to be something different. Have you checked compression and for vacuum leaks? Dizzy bearing?
  6. I mean i still have stock cams, but itr or skunk2 tuner stage 1 most probably are the ones to go in eventually. I had skunk2 cam gears fitted 5 years ago but haven't even gotten around to expermenting with different timings... maybe next summer . To be honest i think i should do a complete engine rebuild, i've got almost 170000 miles on the clock!
  7. No need to remove the bonnet. Wipers need to go, and then some plastic clips if i remember correctly... it's been 10 years since i removed mine to clear up a clogged drain hole. Removed roof rails maybe 5 years ago to get a better machine polish, found no rust underneath.
  8. Spare wheel compartment and behind the rear license plate.
  9. Can a worn bearing affect abs on all wheels? Last time i had to have one replaced abs was working fine. And i haven't noticed any noise but might as well give all corners a little shake next time i get the deck on a lift.
  10. Aerodeck VTi abs not working. When breaking hard, instead of applying abs the pedal suddenly goes in deeper and locks the brakes. No abs light, no fault codes. No fluid leaks in the system. I did get the brake lines replaced last spring, so might have something to do with the issue. I've checked the lines and made sure everything has been done properly and every line goes where they are supposed to. Any idea what might cause the abs system to malfunction, without turning on the abs light?
  11. Thanks, it's coming, slowly but surely! Yesterday marked 10 years of ownership of my deck, and i'm still as happy with it as in 2009. Maybe even more! Never had thoughts about selling her, and no such plans in the future. It's been a great car in every possible way. It's been slammed on 17's in the summers, driven through the harsh finnish winters on 15's, helped me move house 3 times, hauled band equipment, hauled a*s on the track, and ofcourse given me the occasional headache... but nothing that couldn't be sorted out it the end. Reliable, so good looking, and who wo
  12. That's a possibility. I could, or maybe i can find someone here who could test it...
  13. No i haven't, but runs just fine with the stock ecu so pretty much rules that one out.
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