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  1. @Dave Shame. do you know which club they have gone with as would love to tag along. i know its a little late notice
  2. Youll be glad to know this car is still alive but need some parts, dont know if anyone can help me. I need a front passenger door and wing along with a set of wing mirrors please either in black or the cars titan silver. Can anyone help ? cheers
  3. Cheers lads! Love the car and its a really nice car to drive. Just wish the Car was a little lighter !
  4. Hi everyone, some of you may remember me who had the silver Honda civic with the lensos. My car thread name was " My little mb2". Well i would have done this a lot sooner but i forgot my password for this site and only just sorted it out again so i can catch up on a lot of stuff I've missed and to start this thread on here on my new motor. I've not got a Honda Prelude 2.2vti which i swapped with my dad; he has now got the mb2. Unfortunately he didn't really look after the lude and the usual rust on the arches. So the first thing I did was give it a good old service , and then spent some good money getting the bodywork back to a decent standard. I purchased a good exhaust system with a 4-2-1 japspeed manifold decatted. Along with projector headlights from the states, new ep3 steering wheel and the vti bodykit. I then for the first time purchases some brand new jr racing alloys for the car which I love. 9.5 j at the back and 8.25 on the fronts. Took the car on the dyno and impressed me with a printout of 209bhp . i have probably have forgotten loads but will be adding to this thread as much as I can
  5. Hi everyone haven't been here for a while as got a prelude now, but come with bad news. My old civic the one on this thread which my dad has now was in an accident. Luckily he's OK as he wasn't in the car. Someones car rolled into it and well the front wheel arch and passenger door are battered. Anyone on here know someone breaking one Titan silver ? Cheers
  6. Mine now is quicker than the vti, got the beast upto 213hp on the dyno ! still miss the slow mb2 but my dad drives it now so its not gone yet! Anyone know anyone who would have a p28 ecu ? looking for one for the lude ? Also looking to come to a few meets with you lot again this year.
  7. Ye and you mate really enjoyed it and @Dave I haven't pal, need one as that one a bit scruffy after the crash . thank you I do love it , such a. Clean car
  8. Another brilliant day at japfest! Pics will be uploaded today or in the next couple of days !
  9. I've got his reg and reported him, was a dodgey place so hopefully will get sorted...more bothered about a new rear bumper before the jap fest lol ! Thanks for your concern though mate
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