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  1. Anthony

    central locking ghost

    OK guys thanks !
  2. Anthony

    central locking ghost

    Its fair to say your idea is right, after all it was only started about once a week for 5 minutes, it has been better since, once or twice since this morning, I'll see how it goes once I start to run the car more frequently , always get good advice here !
  3. Anthony

    central locking ghost

    OK seems to have stopped now, I'll pop out every hour or so and see his it goes, thanks Dave
  4. Anthony

    central locking ghost

    Going to try reconnect in an hour or so, fingers crossed
  5. Anthony

    central locking ghost

    hey everyone, my civic has started to lock/unlock itself , it has been standing for about a month due to me having a broken ankle, i kept her started every few days but i took her out for the first time yesterday and about 20 mins into the drive it just started to lock unlock, even when the ignition is off........ive had to remove battery to stop it....any thought where to start? any help would be great ps....its not remote locking...its just key
  6. hey , nice mb, may i ask what lowering springs you got on it?
  7. Anthony

    Unicyclingtom is selling his G99p VTi Deck MC2

    *cries* may I ask what you got lined up? If I had a grad I'd buy it as I have 2 dogs ........I saw another guy from here selling his vits on a Facebook page.... The ship sinking???
  8. Also when do entries start for october? What date ? Not gonna miss it this time !
  9. Anthony

    Mb tshirts !

    Thanks Dave, do you have any if the old merchandise left, no mugs etc just clothes ? Also I don't know if it's my stupid iPhone or what, but I can't find the thread for japfest at santa pod , to see if anybody else has put there name down yet
  10. Anthony

    Mb tshirts !

    @UnicyclingTom You not coming to santa pod?? @powerofdreams Are the tops still available?