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  1. J18bey

    TD-86U distributor

    Hi folks, really hoping someone can help me out track down one of these distributors. About 3 months ago mine packed in and since then the cars been a paper weight sitting in the drive. I seen a few Chinese aftermarket units on eBay but I know these should be avoided. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. J18bey

    J18bey's MB6 Vti

    So that's the civic been on the road a month now. She sailed through her MOT and has had a good run it with no problems so far. Gave her a wash this morning so thought I'd treat you'd to a few photos.....
  3. J18bey

    J18bey's MB6 Vti

    Well it's been a while since I've posted but unfortunately a new kitchen, driveway extension and a Mazda mk1 mx5 finding its way onto the drive hasn't left much time for the civic. I've booked the civic in for its MOT and exhaust to get fitted on Tuesday so need to get my finger out if I'm going to get it done. I have managed to get a good bit done recently though. The full underside has been undersealed, brakes overhauled n painted, boring maintenance stuff and a new steering wheel. PS don't ever buy a mb6 wheel boss off eBay you'll end up having to heavily modify it to work. Pic time...
  4. J18bey

    Abs driving me crazy!!!!

    Got a abs fault which is driving me crazy. Got the car with the abs light on, did the paper clip test which came up drivers rear snr fault. Tonight I changed the snr for a known good one. Tried switching the ignition on 4 times and the light went out as it should each time. I then went into the house for a hour and when I came back out then tried it again and the abs light is back on. Checked the connection of the snr which is all good and also fuses/relays. Drove the car round the block and it stays on? Will try paper clip test tomorrow again as phone ran out of battery so couldn't get procedure. I'm I missing something easy here? Should I just rip the bulb out and be done with it?
  5. J18bey

    J18bey's MB6 Vti

    Well had planned on having a full day on the mb yesterday but after a 30th bday party that last into the early hours of Saturday morning I ended up in bed all day. Feeling more human today I thought I'd tackle my headlights. A hour later n I'm de-tango'd, really hate the chrome inserts inside the light but can't decide what colour to go? Definitely not black maybe grey or a dark silver shade so they retain the oem look? What you guys think? while lying in bed yesterday was thinking what wheels I should go for. Two totally different styles but think both will suit the car. Would love to get your opinion folks....
  6. J18bey

    J18bey's MB6 Vti

    Another day and another job off the list. If I keep this up the car will be finished in no time lol. Managed to get the skirts off tonight and everything cleaned up. You were right Krzys about cleaning between the wing/door, the build up of dirt was unbelievable. After the undersealing frenzy the past few days I've ran out so ordered up somemore so will be wax oiling till I get fresh supplies.
  7. J18bey

    J18bey's MB6 Vti

    Cheers guys I'm happy with the way the cars coming on. Yeah going to get the skirts off next and get them protected. Planned on fitting new disc/pads and paint the calipers so will get all the arches done at the same time. Hoping my pal will let me use a ramp in his garage getting to old to be lying under a car all day cleaning n underselling lol bought a few cans of wax oil so going to get all the inner panels treated as well.
  8. J18bey

    J18bey's MB6 Vti

    Not letting me post all pics but it's a start....
  9. J18bey

    J18bey's MB6 Vti

    Sorry guys pic's not uploading will try post later...... Car looking good though lol
  10. J18bey

    J18bey's MB6 Vti

    Thought I'd take the chance while the missus was out tonight to spend a bit more time on the civic. Rear bumper off/ panels cleaned/undersealed. Really surprised at the lack of rust, past projects I've ended up having to weld when I start stripping stuff off but the civic has been plain sailing so far. After the rear underseal knocked up a few earth wires out of old amp wire I had lying about ( really just a excuse for another engine bay pic lol) now the bumpers are off I've decided I'm going to paint the black strips as there looking a bit faded so that's the next job aswell as get the skirts off and seal/wax oil. Been robbing the works nut/bolt supply so everything's getting replaced. Payday tomorrow so there's also a couple of but getting ordered up. Ps couldn't help dropping a cheeky Impreza pic in lol
  11. J18bey

    J18bey's MB6 Vti

    lol cheers the Bucky is my source of inspiration gets the creativity flowing. I'm glad with the way the engine bay has turned out considering it has never been touched in its life.
  12. J18bey

    J18bey's MB6 Vti

    Thought I'd better check in with a progress report since its been a while. Finally got the ITR strut brace fitted. Wasn't a straight fit, ended up have to grind a small bit of each turret to allow a perfect fit but looks great in place. Next up I've taken the full end off the car and clean n undersealed the full front end. I was really surprised as the was no rust to be seen anywhere. While the bumper was off I removed the resonater box as well to allow me to get the induction kit fitted in its place. Last but not least the aircon has been removed as part of its weight loss program. Hoping I can squeeze a few hours in this week at some point and get the rear bumper off and the rear end cleaned n undersealed as well. On the lookout for some lowering springs as well if anyone knows of any going?
  13. J18bey

    Mb6 lowering spring

    As title looking for a cheap set of lowering springs. Cheers.