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  1. So here's my little new MB3 on its summer wheels that normally were on my ED9. Need to lower it though, 215/40 R16 are looking very tiny. Bought it for 500€ last June with 192.000km and a nearly broken transmission. Luckily a used but functional one and 8 wheels (OEM alloys and some steels) were in the back so i just had to replace the gearbox and also put a brand new clutch in it for 450€ total in a honda workshop. It's now at 206.000km and it's still going without any problems. Looks like i made a good deal for under 1000€. Also it's in lovely Pirates Black and has this nice little wing, gorgeous!
  2. Hey ho. As some people might already know i ran over a badger. So now I need to replace my front bumper, but where can i find one? It shouldhave a "Materialgutachten" (a certificate which we need here in Germany to be able to put bodykits on our cars). I'm searching for weeks but I can't find anything, only lips or stuff for show-cars. Thanks!
  3. Hello I had a little accident with a badger, so i have to replace my Front bumper. Can anyone tell me which models are similar to the MB3 so i can simply put their bumper on it? Dont know if all ma, mb & mc models have the same dimensions etc. Thanks!
  4. Nice! Maybe i try to find a VTi to get a new bumper
  5. Very clean! Is that the stock front bumper? Looks great on it
  6. I just joined the ma/mb/mc community here, so i wanted to say hello together with my car

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