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    Just an every day, easy going CIVIC owner that wants to give it a new lease of life.... I call her Gladys..

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  1. Is this something you still have or know someone that does? My drivers side on my MB4 has one hell of a clunk now. :/
  2. TJMB4

    What body parts fit the MB?

    Hello bud, this is the BMS lip. there are 3 different types on ebay. states MB2 but its the same bumper. they need small work and drilling out... luckily i found a VTI-S breaking, managed to get the side skirts and rear lip.
  3. TJMB4

    What body parts fit the MB?

    Hello, Just got myself a BMS front lip and feel the rest of the car should have a new part to. Looking into side skirts at the moment. People have told me the ROVER 45 stuff will fit as its based on this car. Looking at a set of rover 46 MG ZS skirts. will these work? Also ... what or where can you get rear bumper lips? I want it looking more square near the exhaust. Any help is appreciated! Links or directions! Thank you all Have a fun day :)
  4. TJMB4

    My first car

    Heya (again) So last night while popping a sub in the car i noticed the drivers seat is only held in by 2 bolts. Are the bolts a standard can get anywhere type of thing? Does anyone know the thread and bolt size from memory? Been driving it for a while.. would of been interesting if they came loose haha
  5. TJMB4

    My first car

    Hey guys, Thanks! Sleepless nights are well on there way let me tell you know. Have lil time for my MB at the moment too. Hoping when he gets a bit older I have time :D He'll defo be helping me on it when he's older ( if i still have it also lol)
  6. TJMB4

    My first car

    Hello people, Been a while, due to having a new addition to the family. My lil boy Anyways, what exhausts fit these? I'm guessing there will need to be a bit of welding for the hangers but i've seen a lot that state for EK/EP's so on that look the exact shape of the standard back box where has the arch shape that passes near the rear wheel. Would these work with the hanger being moved into place or am i dreaming? Thanks
  7. TJMB4

    My first car

    Cheers fella, For anyone that may wanna know, main dash lights in the mb4 are t10's. all symbols are t5's
  8. TJMB4

    My first car

    Hey man, I forgot to ask, is it a generic thread size? do you remember what it was for you? I dont know how to check this :/
  9. TJMB4

    My first car

    Thanks man Finally driving her, she seems fine ... gotta get used to it. stalled her a few times haha. Exhaust has snapped from the back box connection bit. another ordered though sound system is a bit ... well she's old. say no more haha
  10. TJMB4

    My first car

    @Krzys hey man. Does anyone know if the mb has a front tow thing.... can it be installed. Thinking of a japcrap tow hook or strap. Any one know the answer?
  11. TJMB4

    My first car

    if you do it mate, gotta show us it. I'd like to see the build on one of them!
  12. TJMB4

    My first car

    Jesus .. I've seen them a few times ... crazy looking things!! What even is the car under all that? Japanese are nuts!! Ever watched Might Car Mods when they go over there? Insane fun!
  13. TJMB4

    My first car

    @Chandler I love your's mate, not gunna lie. clean and just yeah!! I'm all about trying new things and have 1001 ideas for the MB ... just gotta find what suits it through my eyes .... wonder if anyones attempted rocket bunny wings .... has that been done on an mb yet? I know the EG has been done with it....
  14. TJMB4

    My first car

    @Krzys trust me .. I know not everyone will like my idea but like you said, its my car I've never been the type to say oh that car looks like crap .. its someones design and idea .. I just wanna know how different I can make this car in the best way possible, Massive fan of the EK's but i love my MB!!
  15. TJMB4

    My first car

    It will be the first show I drive myself to so that's a plus!! Always been the passenger .. .not about that life any more haha I have got some mad ideas with fabricating bumpers... I am half tempted to get some EK stuff on mine. Pretty good with creating stuff ... it's sure to fail at first haha Any kind of mods to just avoid with the MB's?