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Found 14 results

  1. Hello all. It's been a while. Gona do another build for my current car. I've had a few mbs and mcs which I will show you. You may recognise a couple. Nothing special. This is my first one. White mb2
  2. Hi Guys I was wondering if anyone could help. I need to replace an engine mount and was thinking of replacing them all with a set from Hardrace. I've asked them which ones would be compatable for my MB4 and they are asking me whether those for EK/EJ/EM Civics are the same? Also, would this be the same for suspension bushes? Please can someone confirm of deny this for me. Apologies if this has been asked before but I couldn't find any direct reference to it. Ben
  3. benz66


    Good Afternoon All, I have a quick question. I have a 1999 MB4 with the D16W3 engine, no VTEC for me The problem is though I don't see this engine number listed in either the maintenance guide or the Haynes manual for this car. I know it's a SOHC with a higher compression than most engines listed but I want to know that I'm following the right information. I'm guessing the details for the other 1590 CC SOHC engines that are listed would do the trick? Many thanks
  4. Hello to anyone reading Meet Gladys, a lovely 1999 Civic with only 87k on the clock Looking for nice easy modifications to help get some of the power back that would have been lost over the years? After having 2 owners from new it's safe to say she has never seen a modification and it's always been a thing of mine and having a Civic. Will be posting new things that are done if anyone would be interested in seeing its progression as it goes from ultra standard to hopefully a head turner for the right reasons, also she will have neons. If you're n
  5. Hi I'm just wondering if anybody here has experience with fitting the OEM/standard Mb's spoiler onto one that originally didn't have one? Mb2/4 etc Got a spoiler with brake light wiring all complete etc and I'm wondering how to go about it or to bother at all. - Any tips for drilling screw holes in the boot lid for the spoiler? This is what's making me not want to do it to be honest. Scared I'll mess it up. Need the bolts too. - Is there anywhere for the brake light wiring to plug into on the MB2's? I've taken the boot interior out and looked and can't se
  6. Hi guys, I'm new around here and just thought I would post my progress so far and progress to come. This is '97 MB4 civic, it is only my second car, the first one I will be modding. It is not vtec, the insurance wouldn't allow it, but it is a 1.6i ES, so it has leather seats, heated wing mirrors etc. As of 27/04/17, the current mod list is small but still cost more than the car, so easy to spend a lot of money on car mods!! Sound system. 2 x 1000w RMS alpine type R subwoofers, 4000w inPhase mono amp, alpine CDE-185BT head unit. I haven't touched the front speakers, but t
  7. Hiya im new here. Just got my 5th civic mb. This time mb4 d16w4, it was a heap i got for 300. The inside was state so currently re done it all and relined roof. Im after the following. All seats. Front and rear. Exhaust system Lowering springs. Im from KENT. asap please thanks
  8. Well heres the new project. Same car as the previous but with a manual box and I think its pirate black. (has a purple sparkle when the sun hits it). So a 1.6 sohc 1999 MB4. Its by far the dirtiest car ive ever bought. but with a bit of love itll be somewhere near decent. the outside isnt too bad aside from a dent in the rear quarter and a big scratch down the other side. Oh and a crack in the rear bumper. Inside was just grot and mould everywhere and the drivers window mechanism and seal is goosed ive managed to get it shut for now to keep the rain out but first I need to sort the MOT ou
  9. 1997 Honda Civic 1.6 Auto Taxed MOT Expires 10th September 2016 Number of former keepers – 2 Purchased from Stuart Graham (Honda) Crewe, Cheshire and serviced by them up to 40,000 mls, then serviced by Lookers Honda Warrington up to 60,000 mls, a new owner had it serviced in Liverpool, then I had a Full Service + new front Discs & Pads on the front + new Pads on the rear at Kwik-Fit in Wilmslow last year. Four wheel Laser Wheel Aligner Alloy wheels with 195/55/15 Toyo Proxes in good condition Electric Sun Roof (no leaks) Non-Smoker
  10. I love my MB4, but due to our dog and my son's dog + grandchildren I could do with an Aerodeck, I am willing to swap if anyone is interested Mine is a 1.6 auto, 90000 miles, MOT due in Sept but can't see any problems, uses NO oil or water.
  11. we did this once before here, as part of the MG ZS group buy of heated front screens. there is one last ever (I know I said the last time would be the last), and this really will be the last time as its not worth my time and hassle and I gain nothing from this...the last ever heated screen group buy the screens WILL come with a top tint, and are dual circuit heated. They are 25£ more than the last batch 5 years ago (inflation!) at £225+vat. its a real last minute thing coz I kinda forgot about you guys, but I have to place an order Monday 8th Feb and as before £100 deposit is required,
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