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  1. Skipday09

    Bucket seat question?

    Might have to go down the eBay custom route then lol
  2. Skipday09

    Bucket seat question?

    Ok cheers mate just trying to find some half decent buckets for mine, just don't fancy the mb6 interior
  3. Skipday09

    Bucket seat question?

    Hi do the accord seats take much fitting for the mb?
  4. Skipday09

    Mg v6

    Oh ok then that's pretty straight forward cheers guys
  5. Skipday09

    Mg v6

    G9nna have to do some more research I think to find out exactly what I need
  6. Skipday09

    Mg v6

    Didn't think about that cheers
  7. Skipday09

    Mg v6

    Ok ye sweet cheers bud
  8. Skipday09

    Mg v6

    I just thought the mg would be easier as it's 4x100
  9. Skipday09

    Mg v6

    Ha my bad was meant to say brake upgrade lol
  10. Skipday09

    Mg v6

    Hi would the mg zs v6 be a good upgrade for the mb
  11. Skipday09

    VTIS metal Gear knob

    I'll look into it then when I get round to my interior
  12. Skipday09

    VTIS metal Gear knob

    Might have to try find one then or take them of and sand and spray them myself
  13. Skipday09

    VTIS metal Gear knob

    Does anyone do a kit to get rid of the wood?
  14. Skipday09

    VTIS metal Gear knob

  15. Skipday09

    VTIS metal Gear knob