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  1. do you know if the 1.8 and the 2.5L racks of a MG fit in the vti? parts getting bloody hard to find these days!
  2. not for a while mate, i have the hole rear end off, replacing every bush and bolt time as things where starting to show their age.
  3. Thank dude! good to see a familiar name pop up. Yeah I cycle and get train to London everyday for work now so the milage hardly goes up. S2k live in the garage but the civic is at the age now where I'm finding myself replacing a lot of rubber bushes and bearings. Got its mot at the end of the month so hoping for a cleanish sheet.
  4. Seems like its pretty quiet on here these days. Its been to long since I last posted. The civic had a dam good amount of needed attension thanks to being on furlough for 9 months. Its as amazing as it was when i got it 10 years ago now. Dosnt get used as much on track as my s2k has adopted that roll. But still a car for life and its not going anywhere. Its just needs a good set of coilovers now as old set have past their best.
  5. OK OK Been a while since I updated this thread Maybe will get around to filling in the gaps The S2000 blew its engine 13 miles away from the nurburgring on the autobahn at 145mph spent the next 6 months sourcing a replacement engine upgrading it and putting the car back together, to return to the ring and actually do the dam thing. I am putting together a Youtube series of how it all happened. just need to finish the last videos off but if your interested here's the link. here are a couple snaps of what he looks like now.
  6. Cheers Dave!! I will try and get some up to date pics of the mb up soon. not much has changed but still good to keep the forum going.
  7. hey Dave yeah been focused on other projects. still got the vti going strong as ever, tis a car for life iv logged on now and then. might make a few blog updates at some point this year
  8. about time i saw a b series in mate. you going to have it all done and running in time for japfest ?
  9. Civic has been aa real work horse over xmas and last year. Moved house twice and finally i can spend some time on both cars to get them red for japfest. Have alot to do!!!!
  10. down next week mate. civics in winter mode atm so not the most attractive and s2k is sleeping in its garage.
  11. get one tom imagin how many unicycles you could carry
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