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  1. Might have to go down the eBay custom route then lol
  2. Ok cheers mate just trying to find some half decent buckets for mine, just don't fancy the mb6 interior
  3. Hi do the accord seats take much fitting for the mb?
  4. Oh ok then that's pretty straight forward cheers guys
  5. G9nna have to do some more research I think to find out exactly what I need
  6. I just thought the mg would be easier as it's 4x100
  7. Ha my bad was meant to say brake upgrade lol
  8. Hi would the mg zs v6 be a good upgrade for the mb
  9. Skipday09


    Oh ok then so I'd get that done first, add the mods then go for a remap I guess
  10. Skipday09


    Ye I've seen some stuff online, I'm assuming it's worth doing after a few engine mods?
  11. Skipday09


    Anyone know much about chipping a standard obd1 ecu?
  12. Skipday09


    What size washers are needed?
  13. Ye that's the only reason y I'm keeping it on tbh lol
  14. Skipday09

    D16 or B18

    Oh ok I'll Google that later then cheers mate
  15. Ye I've been looking at some manifolds but I'm gonna keep that cat but delete the middle box
  16. Ye I'm not gonna touch it to much just induction kit and maybe some ht leads
  17. Hi how much involved was it fitting a so exhaust?
  18. Skipday09

    D16 or B18

    Just gonna jump on here lol am I right in saying that I can vtec my original engine?
  19. Well as it's rare i might sell it then lol
  20. Here some pics I've taken this morning
  21. Ye mines completely standard no alloys no spoiler, everything is electric including heated mirrors, but it's not a vtec just 16v
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