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  1. Cheers and Yeah its a MIG welder, using Gas CO2/Argon Mix The Welder is a Parweld XTE171C and has been great to use so far!
  2. Today I Didnt get much done thanks to the damp weather but i managed to get the end section of the inner sill sorted. there was a bit of rust that i was not happy with as it was heavily pitted. Its where the Bolt goes up into the chassis and is spot welded to the back of the inner sill, its Sandwiched between 3 layers of metal. The bush mounting section, then the inner sill then the inner arch. Honda didnt seem to seam seal that area!! so it was left for all sorts of crap to get in and to start rotting it. so i got it all cut out, grinded it to bare metal, then zinc and weld through primed the areas, fabricated a new piece to go in from 1.5mm steel and welded it in. Still need to Grind down the welds but ill do that when its a bit drier.
  3. Cheers, Dave! The idea is to just Cut out as much rust as possible, if in doubt cut it out! was a bit nerve racking at first making the cuts but once you get going its not too bad. and you can then just build from the ground up with fresh metal.
  4. So Today i have sorted out the boot floor finally, as it was starting to get on my nerves a bit. but its all welded, seam sealed and painted. alongside the refitting of the tow eye reinforcer. i also jacked it up to see if it would break, it didnt! which is great. Later on i started to work on the passenger side sill, i have cut away an area to gain access to the lower section, this will then be cut further out when i fit the new upper piece in. I will be fabricating new reinforcer panels, perhaps a new jacking point panel and the panel that joins the sill to the arch. Ive cut the area out of the arch out as i have a New old Stock panel to go in place, i also have a fabricated lower sill that i made earlier on in the year which will be getting cut to size to be butt welded in. I have also done some very quick fitments just to get an idea of the final work, although there is still some more cutting and grinding to do before everything fits in perfect. hopefully that will be all done tomorrow.
  5. Thank you! I was pretty pleased with the job to be fair, quite surprised, seam sealer does help too if the welds aint the best ;)
  6. Yeah i think thats the way to go in the future, i annoyingly broke a bumper clip, NLA for the Honda Part but plenty of Clips from a 45 thats probably 10x cheaper too.
  7. Yes the little partnership they did with their cars came to be pretty handy, the whole rear floor space is exactly the same, and most of the suspension parts can be taken from the 45 and ZS. as i know a lot of Civic owners upgraded their rear anti roll bar to the ZS one.
  8. Cheers! Im proper chuffed with it, Looking forward to cracking them sills open next!
  9. Good News, The Boot Floor is now Welded in! This is my first ever proper welding experience on a vehicle so it wont be the best job in the world but theres room for improvement as i go along. The Panel was from a cutout of a Scrap Rover 200 and i managed to get that sand blasted and painted ready for this job. As you can see from the photos the boot floor is pretty rusty all over, and underneath was worse. i cut out the worst effected area and went back to bare metal in the lesser effected areas. I trimmed the repair panel to size to fit the hole that i made, this took some time as i wanted to butt the panel in so there was no lapping. i made a 1mm gap and got away with welding the panel in. Once that was in i grinded the welds down, used Hydrate 80 to treat the metal that originally had rust on it, then used electrox zinc primer to protect it. Once that was done, i then used tiger seal to seam seal the weld that i did, then once that was set i then overpainted it with grey primer to prepare it for the base coat when i get round to doing that at a later date.
  10. It has been a while since the last update, however we do have some good news, the welder is finally here all set up and ready to go and the welding commences tomorrow. I have removed the fuel tank out today which proved itself to be a nightmare due to all the rust but after 6 hours of rusty bolts and seized hose clamps it came out! I do have a series of videos starting on youtube, heres me comically struggling to remove the tank. should get a few laughs of it!
  11. Thank you! Sorry for the late reply, just got back from holiday today. Hoping to do some more fabrication work tomorrow!
  12. So an Update on the Lower Sills I Managed to cut them out the other day, i got all the pieces i needed to create the sections that are required. As shown i used the existing cutout to get the shape of the sill, for the Rear Extension piece and also the mid section The welding course that i was doing said that we are able to do a project in the last lesson, so i used this time to start bending the metal to the profile that i need for the lower sill. This saved me buying a Metal bender that fit the requirements for the job as i needed one that was capable of bending 1.5mm steel and the length had to be 1200mm or more for the mid section if i was to buy one like that youre looking at £1000+ for a decent one that will last you. So here are some images to show the final product really chuffed with how they have turned out, they do require an ever so slight bit of fettling to get right as the profile of the back part actually isn't straight however it comes in at an angle then straightens out when it gets to the wheel arch There are a few other little panels that i still need to fabricate such as the panel that joins the wheel arch to the sill and also the jacking point reinforcer that sits inside the sill. These will all be made in due time. I then offered it up to an existing panel to see how well it fits into place, and to be honest i was surprised how well it did! After all the Testing of fitments and other things i thought nows the time to get them protected so they dont rust. I keyed the surface and made sure that the panels were clean from dirt, rust and residues and then used some Bilt Hamber Electrox Zinc primer. Coated them twice to make sure there is a good layer of protection. Overall im chuffed with the outcome, who knows i may end up getting a Metal bending machine and start making repair panels for these cars lmao certainly ideal as a lot of the panels that are out there for these cars aren't the best.
  13. You know what they say, do it properly and it wont have to be done twice, i honestly cannot wait to get cracking on with it. Lots of updates coming so it will be a nice little thread of the project from start to finish
  14. Today i went to get some Sheet metal to start fabricating the inner/lower sill sections Hoping to borrow a metal bender on tuesday so i can get the Shape right, for those all wondering i got 1.5mm steel which is around the same thickness that Honda used for the inner/lower section of the sill it seems to be an easy shape to make thankfully i had a small piece of Sill from a donor car which helped me with the measurements. for those who are wondering the Sill comes in 3 segments, for the time being im making the middle section which is shown on the diagram the dimensions of the middle sill i have done them at: L: 1200mm W: 240mm Thickness 1.5mm Then there is the Front section which houses the outrigger and jacking point, this bit is way more complex as the pressing contains sections of the chassis rail and inner wheel arch this bit is usually where the rot starts at the seam where the front floor meets and is sandwiched together with three layers of metal. For this bit i will tackle it by just fabricating a piece which fits just the area i need as the rest of the outrigger seems to be perfectly fine thankfully. And Finally there is the Rear section which is the extension piece which houses the rear jacking point, and Trailing arm Mounting point. There was in fact a NOS Rover 45 panel for this online however sadly i was unable to grab it in time, that or it was an old photo that i found of an old ebay advert. But still allows me to get some sort of knowledge on how it is shaped and what panels are missing on my civic due to them rotting away. Thankfully on my Civic the backside of the Sill isnt rotten at all, just a few surface blemishes, so really i just need to cut out the bottom section of the sill and weld new in there alongside a new reinforcement piece which helps with the weight of the jack. This panel is fairly complex as it interlocks with the middle section of the sill and is then spot welded together but thankfully i wont have to mess around with that bit as the rot doesn't spread that far up the sill. Im looking forward to getting these panels made up as once that is done then i should fingers crossed have all the panels i need for welding, (thats until i probably find more rust) Needless to say its a huge project however it will be very worth while when its done.
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