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  1. Aye, its a slow one at the minute with everything else im currently on with. At the minute im trying to sell off one of my other cars to fund this project, once thats sold then it'll be off in for welding and a few mechanical things. once its back in my hands then ill be on with replacing all the suspension. i already have new bolts, bushes and lower control arms. i just need to get the compensator and upper arms then the rest can be sand blasted and powder coated.
  2. Well I thought I’d update the thread, I’ve bought some cutouts for the other side and luckily they are in good condition so I’ve removed all the spotwelds to get the front panel off so that it can be used when it comes to replacing the old upper sill. Some small corrosion so I’ve just used hydrate 80 to convert that so it doesn’t get worse, the panel will be getting sandblasted to remove that surface rust so I have a nice fresh clean panel to weld back in. It’ll be zinc primed or epoxy primed not sure yet. The remaining panels will be used to take reference from. Things such as the lower extension sill and sill to arch join panel, oh and the stiffener too. As these looked far too rusty to use. They will come in handy though as I will be contacting someone regards to the remaking of these panels!!!
  3. im either gonna get it sent off later on this year or do it myself not sure yet though but i wont be going to a Dodgy garage, ive been looking at Reputable Restoration companies
  4. Hello Guys Just thought i would give you an update on the ol' MB6 Project. Ive been very busy as of recent sourcing panels for the restoration. Im very chuffed to find some Genuine Body panels including the Whole Upper sill and rear outer arch. Alongside that i have also sourced some Rear inner arch Extension panels where the Sills Meet the Wheel Arch. Unfortunately the Lower/Inner Sill section was no where to be found alongside the front outriggers but thats not an issue at all. i will be starting to Fabricate some New Lower/Inner Sill sections as if you don't know already the Civic MA/MB has Three Segments to the lower sill. The First part being the Front Jacking point section which starts at the sill then wraps itself round the front chassis legs and subframe mounts. Then there is the Middle section where the Front seatbelts are Anchored to. This section is Spot welded to the floor pan to create a sandwich effect (lovely rust trap btw). The Panel Itself is an L Shape as it also forms apart of the inner sill as its all one pressing. Thankfully the rust has not spread up into the vertical section of the panel as the rust has only ate away at the lower part probably due to all the water being trapped there. and Finally the Last segment being the Rear Sill Extension assembly which contains the rear jacking points and the Semi Trailing arm bush mounting. With Fabricating these lower segments it is pretty simple Its just a 90 Degree bend with a flange where the outer skin is spot welded to. With Rover at the time having a Partnership with Honda Luckily the 400 and 45 is the same car in terms of bodywork pretty much. Hence why i have bought Rover sills and Rover Inner Arches (they're probably cheaper too) and they will do the same job. Part Numbers if needed ALA120220 for the Side Panel (do note the side panel is a saloon not a hatchback as they are no longer available.) ALX140020 and ALX140030 for the Rear inner arches. The idea will be to chop the sill segment and rear arch segment off the genuine panel and to replace what is the rotten part on my Civic. With this i can maintain the original pressings of the panel such as the grommet holes. Hopefully in the New year i can get round to producing the Inner sill segments to be used.
  5. Yeah ive managed to find some Quarter panels for the Back which is good, ive managed to get hold of an inner arch section for the passenger side so that is handy too from Rimmer Brothers from a Rover 45
  6. Bloody heck thats not good, ive just had a Nosy today at mine and thankfully its not as bad as that, i never knew had bad these cars Can rust, they seem to be a mixed bag when it comes to bodywork. Heres some photos including the floor at the back :)
  7. it will be hard but will be very worth it in the end, im not really fussed about how much money i spend on it as it will be a good few years before it sees the roads again most likely, the thing is as you say about reshelling is that you lose the reg and id rather be honest to the DVLA than drive round in a ringer that doesnt really relate to the original car which is what i want to maintain as much as possible due to the history of it. I have a lot of the repair panels already so its just a matter of finishing off my Rover 25 before getting on with this which hopefully should be happening soon :)
  8. Hi Yeah i Do remember you indeed :), Ive managed to source some panels for the Lower section of the sill, and ive also found a good Quarter Panel that fits very well, if theres any remaining bits i need i will probably just look towards a Rover 45/400 to chop the metal from if needs must as the upper Sill section where all the clip holes and moulding would be hard to recreate, theres some side panels still available so i may even just buy one of those and fit accordingly to the sill area. ive got a brand new inner wheel arch section too for the Passenger side so thats not an issue. thankfully the Rover stuff fits due to it being the same shell. Once i get round to it ill be chopping out the whole sill, its spot welded to the floor and mid section where the top and bottom sill meet so i will probably do that which will be neater in the end. the only issue i have is that front bit where the floor pan is thats probably the most common area for the rot to start due to it being 3 layers of metal then seamed which wasn't the best design but oh well and annoyingly the panels for that bit are no longer made which would have made it so much easier if they were still about. Cheers for replying :)
  9. Hi guys thought I would join, as I’m in need of some advice about these cars I’m in the Rover scene quite a bit so I know the ins and outs of the 400/45 however I’ve got a 1998 Honda Civic VTi that needs restoring as a remembrance thing, the car has unfortunately been sat for quite some time last it was on the road was 2011 the car has been started every year or so to keep it from seizing up but nows the time to get it restored as upon investigation there’s some areas for concern like the Drivers side Sill which has huge holes in the bottom section of the sill. the section of the drivers side footwell where the sill meets the floorpan where it’s seamed together needs sorting ASAP. Along with the drivers side Rear arch. Strangely it’s only rotted out on 1 side the other side is solid with only a few bits of corrosion which is mostly chopped out and the floorpan is really good too as it’s not seen the salt in over 10 years just thinking how I could go about saving my grandads car as I really don’t want to see it sent off to scrap. The idea is to get it restored to factory and how it was when my grandparents had it the engine seems pretty good it just needs a major service before i turn it over as the Belt is easily over 10 years old. Any feedback would be great. currently doing up my Rover 25 at the minute so this Civic is next on the list.
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