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  1. Yeah ive managed to find some Quarter panels for the Back which is good, ive managed to get hold of an inner arch section for the passenger side so that is handy too from Rimmer Brothers from a Rover 45
  2. Bloody heck thats not good, ive just had a Nosy today at mine and thankfully its not as bad as that, i never knew had bad these cars Can rust, they seem to be a mixed bag when it comes to bodywork. Heres some photos including the floor at the back :)
  3. it will be hard but will be very worth it in the end, im not really fussed about how much money i spend on it as it will be a good few years before it sees the roads again most likely, the thing is as you say about reshelling is that you lose the reg and id rather be honest to the DVLA than drive round in a ringer that doesnt really relate to the original car which is what i want to maintain as much as possible due to the history of it. I have a lot of the repair panels already so its just a matter of finishing off my Rover 25 before getting on with this which hopefully should be happening so
  4. Hi Yeah i Do remember you indeed :), Ive managed to source some panels for the Lower section of the sill, and ive also found a good Quarter Panel that fits very well, if theres any remaining bits i need i will probably just look towards a Rover 45/400 to chop the metal from if needs must as the upper Sill section where all the clip holes and moulding would be hard to recreate, theres some side panels still available so i may even just buy one of those and fit accordingly to the sill area. ive got a brand new inner wheel arch section too for the Passenger side so thats not an issue. thankf
  5. Hi guys thought I would join, as I’m in need of some advice about these cars I’m in the Rover scene quite a bit so I know the ins and outs of the 400/45 however I’ve got a 1998 Honda Civic VTi that needs restoring as a remembrance thing, the car has unfortunately been sat for quite some time last it was on the road was 2011 the car has been started every year or so to keep it from seizing up but nows the time to get it restored as upon investigation there’s some areas for concern like the Drivers side Sill which has huge holes in the bottom section of the sill. the section of the drivers side
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