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    Im here to learn everything there is about my Honda Civic 1.8 vti.
    Engine, styling, what fits and doesn't, ect.

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    Jan Mogensen
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    Kalundborg, Denmark

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  1. Zharta

    Mb6 Mid wing

    Hey guys. Quick question. Is it possible to fit a midwing to a Mb6. I have never seen it before
  2. Hey guys. I have a quick question I hope you can help me with. Do any of you know if the reverse light is placed opposite in RHD vs LHD on an Mb?
  3. Thx mate. That was really helpful. Got the cover off, turns out it was only a connection issue. Got it working in no time. Thanks again
  4. Hey guys Im in need of some help. I recently bought an Mb6 in Germany and i'm having it inspected on monday. But now, the fog light bulb on the right side is out. Got 2 new ones but im lost on how to replace them. I've seen pictures of it without the black cover around it and was wondering how do I get them of so i can change the bulbs. Hope you can help
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