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IMG_20220417_200218.jpg.b1a655f2adeeea98d61a8726e9b22e24.jpgHey guys 


Im in need of some help. I recently bought an Mb6 in Germany and i'm having it inspected on monday.

But now, the fog light bulb on the right side is out. Got 2 new ones but im lost on how to replace them. 

I've seen pictures of it without the black cover around it and was wondering how do I get them of so i can change the bulbs. 


Hope you can help 



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Do you have any plastic tools for removing interior trim mate? I usually use those, just need to slip it in the side between the cover and the actual bumper and you should be able to pop it out. Think there's a tab on each side that acts like a clip. If you don't have a trim removal tool, just use a flat blade screwdriver and be careful so's not to scratch the bumper.


Once the covers off I think it's just two bolts (poss 3) to remove the light.


However, I'm almost sure the bulbs can be changed without taking the fog lights out?  Been that long since I changed one tbh.

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Thx mate. That was really helpful. 

Got the cover off, turns out it was only a connection issue. Got it working in no time. 


Thanks again







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