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Well my aerodeck will be back on the road next month and I cant stop looking into boosting it. so I'm getting to grips with everything I'm going to need for the build. This is what I've got up to now. Any advice on how  to do this and on parts will be greatly appreciated


b18c4 turbo build parts list


racetech turbo kit:


Reconditioned Twin Scroll TD05 Turbocharger
Race-Tech SS Equal Length Manifold
Race-Tech SS 2.5" Downpipe
Race-Tech SS Braided Oil & Water Lines
Race-Tech Alloy Intercooler w/Pipework & Joiners
OEM MLS Gaskets (Manifold>Turbo & Turbo>Downpipe)
All Fitting Hardware



Grams 550cc injetors



socketed p28 


other parts:


skunk2 pro series intake manifold




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There's been a few turbo'd B18's here mate. Not sure if the members are still here though as a lot have sold up but check the project threads. Rich (civicturbo) who was a moderator here did an epic build, although his was a B20. There were a few others too.

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cheers Dave I'll have a look at this thread later on. I'm not to sure about the racetech stuff now because of a few things I've heard about quality. so I'm thinking about souring the parts all seperatly and going from there. 

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