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Daves Mazda MX5 Mk1 (aka Mindy)


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Not a lot been happening in Mindy's world recently due to time of year. Did hwoever get the last wheel finally into lacquer just before Christmas and then went out yesterday and got it fitted so she's now sitting on her original alloys all refurbed. Another reason I was out in the garage yesterday........my mrs Gayle got me a wee present for Mindy for my Christmas! We both love the stainless sill steps/covers, so she found me an original set and got me those. We fitted them yesterday and they really make a big difference when you open the door. Looks so much better now she has some jewellery on! Do like a bit of bling! I'll get a photo posted soon.

Really wanted to take her out today for a drive, but the roads are still damp/wet around here. Gayle told me under no uncertain terms is Mindy venturing out onto the roads when there's still salt on them! Think she's more protective of this little car than even I am!! lol applause.gif1

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Small update.

Got The last alloy fitted so she's now back riding on her original 5 spoke alloys, all nicely returned in white. Really think it changes her look.


Lucky boy, Gayle got me new things for Mindy as part of my Christmas pressies! OEM stainless will covers! Been wanting these for ages, so got them fitted. Going to give them a good polish as I have a full metal polishing kit, but tbh they're in really nice condition anyways so that can wait for a bit


Next up, fixed the driver's door handle which was previously not sitting right (was sticking out at one end) (see previous post) so with a new wee bit of rubber put in place (I had some of those stick on rubber feet for laptops etc lying spare) the handle now sits flush like it should (and my OCD Balance is restored!)


Can just see Carly Cooper's bum peeking out from the garage! That's the job today (which went tits up!) Fitting new rear brake calipers, pads and sensors. Will update Carly's thread with the dismal job later.

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7 hours ago, UnicyclingTom said:

Needs lows! 

And a snail, the 1.6 is painfully slow! 


Looks tidy Dave! 

Nah, deffo not lowering this one Tom. Kinda had my fill of lowered cars, really don't enjoy driving them (although yes they do look better!!)

Even thinking of putting DD back on her standard suspension, although that most likely won't happen!


Did think about more power, even though about supercharging! Not really a fan of turbos to be honest, lag etc. Might look at subtle upgrades for power (poss changing cams, exhaust). Apparently advancing timing to12 degrees tdc makes a big improvement but need to do more research on that. I don't mind the fact it's not fast like a typeR etc, the sensation of speed on a B road makes it feel faster anyways lol But would like more power for overtaking etc. Even standard, the engine does sound nice when giving it beans.

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4 hours ago, UnicyclingTom said:

Mazda speed suspension. That is all.

Does the mazdaspeed suspension have just a small drop in height compared to stock, but is a lot stiffer if I remember rightly? Might be an option although can't imagine anything from mazdaspeed being cheap!! lol

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Will deffo be getting brand new suspension this year, it's top of the list. Although did just buy her a new stereo! Got yet another Pioneer, similar to the one in DD, but without Bluetooth. Has USB, DAB, CD etc and iPod/Android compatible. Should retail at £140...........got it 2nd hand for £20!!!! Fitted it today (did have to repair wiring on it though) and also fitted the spare DAB Ariel I had in garage. All working sweet, sounds superb and looks pretty good too! 

Will get some pics tomorrow.

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