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Hello guys, few questions. 
my 2000 mb2 1.4 engine decided to go bang... 

I need some help or some pointers for a engine swap.

ive searched everywhere for answers and found nothing relating to my needs. 
what would I need for a b18c4 engine swap into a mb2? 
would the mb6 dash loom work or would I have to slice up an mb2 loom with the mb6 to make do etc? 
I know what else I need gear linkages, mounts etc just electronic side of things.

many thanks 

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Welcome to the club Keiran,

Quite a few members on here have done the B18 conversion so plenty info available. One of the last ones done was Alex @Chandler for his aerodeck.Have a look at this page (although would recommend reading his whole project thread, stunning car!) 

ECU is P28 I think, although many go down the route of Hondata aftermarket ecu's for mapping etc.


At the other end you we have even had extremes such as a K26 transplant into an MB2. See @DAVEMB2 "Trinity D" project thread  

Recently one of our members has done an H22 conversion. See @Alexmb4h22 project thread 

Deffo a lot to get inspired by there mate. Hope this helps. Hopefully a few of those members will be along to offer some info on everything that's required.

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You will need c4 engine with loom. Shift linkage. B series 3 post mounts. And the rear mount bracket. Driveshafts.

You can use your dash loom but will likely need to add wires for VTEC and iabs if you want to use them. And an ECU.




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