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I then had 1 weekend in which to swap everything else over on to the new shell including fitting the b18c4 from the vti and have it ready for a mot on Monday morning. It was a hard weekend but I got it done





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Well I actually span 3 times. First time was my first lap, tyres were not hot enough and that's when I cracked my trailing arm which made it very tail happy for the rest of the day. 2nd time was to ha

Here is the track day pics from blyton Park. Had an absolutely awesome day however I did spin off the track and crack my trailing arm. 

Quite a journey!!

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I didn't make it to work or make it to the test station. I made a huge mistake thinking it had wiring issues and drove it with the oil light on. It managed 27 miles until it died. That's it. The 74k miles healthy none smoking b18 was dead. I was gutted. Starved it of oil because I'd fitted a sandwich plate and blocked it off by mistake. 

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I then remembered my mate had a b16a2 sat in his garage for years, 14 years to be exact. So I gave him a call and went to pick it up. Also got the s4c gearbox with it


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Anyway after I got it home it was all cleaned up and poured some oil through it and cranked it over by hand to make sure it was OK. I put a new cambelt kit on it and Waterpump, the rocker cover from the b18, got some nice Magnacore kv85 leads and swapped the s4c gearset into the s9b casing. Also got a full mongoose exhaust system and japspeed manifold to go with it and in it went. 





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My k sport coilovers were pretty b****red so it was time for a change so I picked up some Hsd momopro coilovers which sit much lower than the ksports and a brand new set of white Pro race 3s which I'd been after for a while





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