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    I love honda. Had loads of mbs as well as others. Currently own a b16 swapped mb4.

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  1. Ah I've got 50s and they are an XL and extremely stiff sidewall. I didn't notice any squealing. Maby I wasn't going as fast as you, after all u are boosted.
  2. Car looks stunning dude. You were at blyton the day after me. Why didn't you like the ns2r. That's what I've got on mine. I thought they were good once hot but took about 2 laps to get them hot enough for maximum send.
  3. Also I've got this at the moment but it will be for sale soon.
  4. One of the aerodecks I forgot to mention I had a few years ago
  5. Yeah it was a bit of a mess after coming off track. Here are the pics after it happened haha. The window was open slightly too so while going sideways through the field it filled the car with grass. I'm also surprised my tyre didn't pop off the bead.
  6. Well I actually span 3 times. First time was my first lap, tyres were not hot enough and that's when I cracked my trailing arm which made it very tail happy for the rest of the day. 2nd time was to hard on the brakes and it span round and punted a hay bail and 3rd time was my last lap of the day through the very fast s bend near the last corner, because of not having much experience on track I was letting people past all day, came out of that s with a mx5 on my chuff so pulled to the left to let him passed, big mistake, car went sideways right over to that big grass banking and over the bankin
  7. Thanks bud. I will add some more that I didn't get round to posting last night. Yeah goes very well specially with what is pretty much a ek9 gearbox. A lot of fun.
  8. Thanks mate. Yeah had a few. That's not quite all of them yet tho. Ran out of time last night.
  9. I attended Mimms again last weekend too and once again not one other mb came. There was a couple of aerodecks there but that was it.
  10. Swapped my numberplate surround back to the green one the other day as I got board of black and didn't like the fake carbon one I had.
  11. Oh just before the track day I smashed a hole in my 4-1 crap speed manifold so had to buy a new one so got this srs toda rep 421
  12. Here is the track day pics from blyton Park. Had an absolutely awesome day however I did spin off the track and crack my trailing arm.
  13. Exactly that mate. I hadn't got round to getting a cooler so I just bunged up the ports not knowing any different
  14. I recently had a track day coming up so needed to get some stuff done. Had the rear arb from the vti powder coated and bought some brand new L brackets bushes and links and got it fitted. I also fitted the front vti arb when I built the car. It also has 282mm mgzs disks and new 282 front calipers with ebc blue stuff pads and some braided lines. Also my cv boots were b****red so got some new shafts from j&r. It also got some fresh millars nanodrive 10w40 oil and a hamp filter and some fresh mtf3 box oil
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