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Hi everyone,

I'm quite new here and I've just picked up my first ever 1997 Honda Civic today. I'm looking for some exhaust reccomendations because I'm not sure what fits and what doesn't. I'm not looking for anything crazy just something that makes the car sound a bit more fruity and looks good when sitting under the rear bumper arch.

So far though the car runs and drives lovely absolutely chuffed with it.



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Hello mate, glad you're enjoying the civic! 


Don't think that there's that many off the shelf options (or at least there didn't used to be). Back box wise I've now had two custom ones - a power flow one, and then recently one made by a local company which in my opinion is a better job than the power flow one. Either way with a custom back box they can make it sound how you want. 

I've got a supersprint centre pipe, but they aren't the cheapest, and if you were getting a back box made up, you might as well get them to do the whole lot. 

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Cheers for the feedback.

I've been looking around and yeah not much about right now.

I've found a nice garage that do custom exhuasts so I'll give them a ring and get a qoute.

Thanks again.

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