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Lower ball joints

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How the the HELL are you supposed to get this lower ball joint out of the knuckle?? On every video I see on YouTube the knuckle lower ball joint has way more clearance than what I got, and it looks like there is quite literally no physical way to get these lower ball joints out without destroying something.

Anyone got experience with these?

My chassis is an Mb2, D14Z4



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Deffo doesn't look like there's enough clearance to get that out. @KiNK43 You did the ones on your mb6, did they have similar clearance mate? Not a job I've done myself so not sure.

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6 hours ago, KiNK43 said:

Pop that ring out that's covering the bearing and you will have the room 

Yea I literally just did it a couple hours ago after I saw a guy on YouTube did it. Thank you!

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