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**My 1st car project thread, MB3**


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Nice car mate, I have the same for my 1st car. Except I'm a few years younger than you so insurance is more :(

Great base mate :)



Look forward to seeing what you do :)


Thanks mate! I love the look of your car, looks beast :D Thats the sort of style i want to go for. Damn i bet your insurance is sky high you being 2 years younger than me! :shock:

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Insurance is ridiculous....

At 21, driving 4 years, 2 years no claims, on my mb6 it is £1600....

Car parked in locked garage overnight, thatcham cat 1 alarm fitted...

My mb2 was £1300....

Woah, im 18 here, had my licence for 7 months and my insurance is £1400 for the year, fully comp on a 2000 civic 1.5 mb3, haha thats cause im on my mates traders policy LOL

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welcome to the club, mb3 was my first car too and 2 years later still got it :) absolutely love it

Thanks! I didn't know you posted a comment on the thread. :? Ye i love my MB3 and its all starting to come together now with modding (Alloys and detailing) Hopefully i can keep it forever because its a perfect car! Good on fuel and it doesn't hang around haha.

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