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  1. The new layout looks and feels great! Obviously it's going to take a bit of getting use to but so far so good
  2. Wow! That's a rare kind there! I'd personally wouldn't bother modifying it. I'd keep it clean and tuck it away!
  3. Can someone edit the youtube link again? I dunno how to do it on my phone
  4. UPDATE! The exhaust system is back on (sounds beautiful) electrics is all working after wire tuck. Just got to work out how to tuck the vacuum pipes and relocate the ABS relay box. And she's finally back on her feet haha I have also bought braided hoses but unfortunately the rears are far too short. Waiting on reply to see if I can get them exchanged for the correct ones. To top it off... i bought a new replacement radiator but the cap doesn't fit, so I bought an ASI alloy radiator from fleabay. Yes it's cheap but I checked out the reviews and they seem decent. Got a video of how she sounds for now. Since the engine rebuild I have noticed it's a lot more responsive and raspy!
  5. It's holding idle perfectly now! Idles very high when cold - 1500rpm but once warmed up, it's somewhere around 750rpm
  6. It suppose to come off the ramp months ago! It might not ever leave the ramp haha
  7. Ello mate! Long time no see! Thanks man, she's getting there but it's nowhere near finish haha!
  8. It's drivable but it still isn't off the ramp.... I just got to bleed the brakes and I'll take her for a spin around the yard tomorrow
  9. I have seen nothing but good news on the MTEC stuff. What are the HID's like so far?
  10. Thankyou all! I gotta say I was so scared turning that key... but what a relief & experience to actually see the engine running for the first time after all this work done!
  11. Dunno what I'm doing wrong... Bossman wants my car off the ramps at the end of this week for good I'll get a video of the deck on her first start up which is all happening very very soon!! New fuel tank undersealed Arches and some parts of the car has been cleaned wax-oiled Wire tucked
  12. I have got WhatsApp but I don't use it... and I don't think I want to either haha. Another week has passed and another big step forward. And no it's still not off the ramp.. New brake and fuel pipes all replaced and tucked Gearbox freshly painted
  13. Oh that's the cause! Glad it hasn't got any worse and good job I had a new windscreen fitted!
  14. Yep.. hence why he's angry with me haha. Once I have cleaned and painted up the sub-frame, also fit the brake hoses, I will be bolting it all back together and sort out the welding another time
  15. Ideal, a bloke I work with who is a master of welding is doing it all for me. But it means waiting for another week. My boss is pulling his hair out as he wants his ramp back..
  16. Not really progressing this week. Just more parts coming off Coilovers, hubs, bottom arms, top arms are all off to get cleaned up and resprayed. I will get pictures up tomorrow, shes looking really sorry for itself haha. Today I was peeling off the old underseal and come across the dreaded rust To be honest it's not too bad... but I'm no welder so it's a job for somebody else!
  17. This is excellent @Krzys! It looks so fun that I'm quite tempted to race my EM2 now since I don't give twos**ts about it
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